How to save money for your next trip?

When you check your Facebook or Instagram, it looks like everyone is traveling all the time. While you are spending your last money you worked hard for on your mortgage, electricity bills, subscriptions and filling up your car, they enjoy another great pasta carbonara in Milan. How do they do it? Is traveling just too expensive for you, or is there another way? Fortunately, there is. Traveling is a luxury you can afford too if you are motivated to start saving money and making it a priority.

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Small adjustments that won’t affect your life much

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Sell old stuff

The golden rule is: everything you haven’t used in the last six months, do you intend to do this in the following six? Possibly the answer is 'no' (if you doubt, it is most likely a 'no'). So why not sell the stuff you won’t use and save the money for your next trip?

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Drink tap water

I used to drink a bottle of soft drinks a day. Ironically, since I live alone and do my shopping myself, I have a clearer view of how much I spend to just soft drinks. Two euros for a bottle of one and a half liters is no longer uncommon. Take this on a monthly basis and you will realize you are spending 60 euro in a month. Instead, I have started the habit of drinking tap water.

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Adjustments in your daily life so that you easily save money for your next trip 

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Keep your costs low

One of the main options to reach your travel budget is to keep your fixed costs low. Take a sheet of paper and a pen to hand and write down all the expenses you have every month. Your mortgage, costs for your car (insurance, petrol, ...), your mobile phone subscription, water and electricity, food and drinks, ... And we haven’t even considered the money you spend on an evening of cinema or in a café yet.

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Cancel subscriptions

Internet, television, Netflix, magazines, iPhone, ... the number of subscriptions that you receive on a monthly basis quickly increases. Just like the total amount by the way. Are you planning to go on a world trip? Why not cut back on your expenses by slowly adjusting to your future lifestyle and cancel your television and magazine subscription? Also, nowadays your mobile subscription does not have to be expensive.

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Avoid restaurant visits

For some people eating out is a weekly activity. In my life: rarely. If I go to a restaurant, I don’t often spend more than twenty euros per person (drinks inclusive). Yet, this is still a big expense in our everyday life so I hardly eat out and most often cook myself.

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Drastic ways to significantly boost your travel budget

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Rent a room with Airbnb

Do you have a room free in your house or apartment that you don’t do anything with? Have you ever thought about renting it with Airbnb? I myself rented my apartment for a while through this platform during the times that I was abroad. It was not only a great experience where you get people from all over the world (and their travel experiences), but I was also able to earn some extra money for my travel funds.

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Sell your car

Have you ever calculated how much a car costs per month? I myself used my car in the past only for commuting, a daily distance of about twenty kilometers. I decided to sell my car and do everything by bike. I saved a lot and I got into shape as well. If your work is only a short distance from your home (or you can take public transport), this is an option that will save you lots of money!

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Take an extra job

Sometimes it is hard to see how slowly your travel funds are raising. If the above tips don’t help you saving money for your next trip, you can consider take an extra small job to fund your travels. Why not work in a bar or restaurant in the weekends? Or if you are a good writer, there are several online jobs you can take to make a bit extra cash.

The most important thing when saving for your next trip is that you keep track of all costs and incoming money. Undoubtedly you will think twice about that one thing you want to buy. Doing the efforts and actually see your travel budget rise, will only increase motivation.