Labrika, the SEO tools for complete website optimization

In times when attaining a Google ranking is absolutely vital, Labrika makes the process smooth and incredibly easy by providing start-to-finish SEO tools for complete website optimization.

Leveraging artificial intelligence, the SEO toolset has a user-friendly interface and simplistic design, allowing websites to generate more traffic and conversions.  


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Allow Your Website To Rank Higher

Labrika follows search engine optimization rules to generate organic traffic to websites. This allows the site to rank higher on search engines, and therefore hold a greater probability of visit and conversions.

To achieve this, it has two key components:


Labrika analyzes the top 10 sites ranked on search engines to provide recommendations of content changes required. This includes keyword inclusion, missing keywords, H1 optimization, as well as the nature of keywords (tails, etc.).

Learn what is going wrong in your current content, to understand what must be done to uplift your website – in traffic and rank.   


Once you have implemented changes to your website, the rank checker helps you keep track of the increased rank and maintain it accordingly.

Check the high-ranking keywords and landing pages and reorganize them in a way to attract visitors and gain most conversions.

Check manually or use the automatic feature of Labrika to perform the task.


Therefore, Labrika stands apart from other SEO software as it not only outlines modifications required, but also helps track progress and sustain amplified ranks.


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An Easy-To-Understand Auditor Report

While most software of today require some technical knowledge or depend on configurations and reconfigurations, Labrika stands apart from the rest with its easy-to-use tech.

A great example is its site audit report.

Labrika’s audit tool passes your website’s pages against any and all related Google updates. It also identifies any errors in indexing or any type of hidden crawlability that could harm the site’s ranking.

By an easy-to-read audit report, Labrika clearly outlines why a website many not be performing well for its SEO, with an accompanying explanation tooltip to encourage rectification.

Unfortunately, while the software helps identify errors and instructs on correction, there is no self-correcting feature. So, you’d have to make the effort yourself with all the ammo.  


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Going Beyond English Websites

Another feather in the cap for Labrika is its diversity of choice offered for website language. No, this does not refer to C+ or Python, but the actual written text that comes up on display as visitors open a website.,

The SEO toolkit of Labrika can be used to embellish and elevate websites in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, and of course, English.


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Customize Your Plan

Considering the vitality of Labrika’s offerings, it has offered 4 package options for its vast clientele. These include Lite, Business, E-Commerce, and the Agency package – in ascending order.

The difference lies in the number of keyword ranking queries and page crawling credits. These go from 500 to 20,000 and 10,000 to 100,000 respectively.

Therefore, while the Lite package could suffice for freelancers and entrepreneurs, the Agency package works perfectly well for large businesses and agencies.


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69,000 Websites SEO-Optimized, and Counting

Although Labrika has not been in the industry for long (it began in 2015), it has managed to create a vast clientele for itself.

Having optimized 69,000+ websites and with users in more than 30 countries, the stats themselves are proof that Labrika works. Try it for yourself!


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Frequently Asked Questions


Who should use Labrika?

This expert SEO toolkit is great for individuals, freelancers, small business, startups, growing businesses, or large agencies with websites.


How can I make sure that Labrika suits my business needs?

Begin a free trial! With access to the software features, you will know exactly if it is what you need to take your website to newer heights.


What if I begin usage and feel the software does not fit my needs?

Labrika’s subscription comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee – no questions asked. So, you can take the leap knowing there is almost nothing to lose, but a lot to gain!


What is the payment structure for Labrika? 

There are 4 packages. They begin with Lite at $19/month and go up to Agency at $140/month. They can be paid monthly, with a 3 month subscription, or annually (at a 20% discount!).


How can I pay for the services of Labrika? 

You can choose any plan and pay by credit/debit card, PayPal, or 2Checkout.

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