Remote Work Opportunities –Your questions answered!

Remote work opportunities have always been sought out by individuals for the benefits it intrinsically offers.  From being able to earn a side income to flexibility of working hours and ability to stay home, the fruits of remote working are abounding. However, if you are new to remote working, you must be wondering from where to start and whom to trust, since this is something where any mistake could land you in dire financial trouble.

In this article, we have researched the answers to some of your basic questions that will help you get off on the right foot in your remote job search, saving you time and effort.

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What are remote jobs?

To avoid making any mistakes, you should first understand what actually is meant by remote jobs. As the word “work from home” rightly suggests, remote working allows you to carry your job tasks within the comfort of your home without having to go to any office. Remote jobs could be either on employee basis; both part time and full time, or on freelance basis. These offers could be contract based or permanent as well.

Most importantly, you must understand that remote jobs may be location-restricted. This means that while your employer would allow you to work from your own premises, but they may require you to be located in a specific state, city or country. Many people think that being able to work remotely entails that you could be doing your job from any part of the world. However, this varies from employer to employer.

The trend for “work from anywhere” jobs is also on the rise these days, as this allows companies to access global talent at a low cost. There are employers who hire virtual or work from anywhere remote staff.

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How can I protect myself from online job fraud& scams? 

Since remote jobs are mostly carried out online, it bears some risks involving security, scam and fake opportunities. However, you can do some basic research and be a part of a professional portal to ensure you do not fall prey of online fraud. Here is the list compiled by, comprising top trustworthy online sites you can join to get access to remote job opportunities:

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Where to find attractive remote job offers?

Today, even big companies like Amazon, Cisco, Dell, Gartner, Novartis, Philips, Salesforce, Kaplan, Johnson & Johnson, and many others are offering work at home opportunities in the domains of  accountancy, customer service, nursing, project management, recruitment, teaching, IT, and writing etc.

According to FlexJobs, a leading job search website, there has been an increase in freelance remote working opportunities in 2020, compared to past years. has highlighted 10 credible companies that have posted the highest number of freelance opportunities in May 2020. This list is really worth checking out if you are hunting for freelance jobs. According to, these 24 companies often hire for remote job positions, with full-time and part-time working schedules. The companies listed on above sites are authentic and verified, so you can apply for the positions without worrying about the credibility of advertised jobs.

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Which companies offer global remote jobs?

If you are looking for a “work at home” job opportunity and do not reside in the United States, chances are that most opportunities you will come across will require you to be based in some state of the North America. However, there are still a growing number of companies who actively hire “virtual workers” or workers across the globe. We have compiled a list of such companies below with links to their respective hiring pages:

- Cactus Communications

- automattic

- clevertech


- Invision

- lovetoknow

- Scrapinghub

- Timedoctor

- Toggl

These are amongst the many companies that are either completely remote or significantly hiring remote workers from all parts of the world. So, wherever you are located, if you have the right talent, you can connect to the job sites above to spot a job opportunity for yourself from the confines of your home.

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