Public Relations – Top 5 Tips to Get It Right

The world needs to know about who you are, what you do and how you can help them if you have any chance of success in this day and age – and more to this, you’re going to need to focus on being accountable for the choices you make and the services you provide. This is where public relations come in – where you effectively bridge the gap between yourselves and the consumer or reader by appealing directly to members of the press or the online forum. However, getting PR right is less about creating effective buzz for your business, but more about approaching the right avenues effectively. Here are five ways to get started.

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1. Effective Public Relations:Remembering Your Key Audience

This may sound fairly obvious, but it’s true – the whole point of PR is to get a buzz going about news relating to your services that can entice and attract the people you are aiming to sell to. While plenty of PR gurus will advise that much of the focus needs to rest upon pitching to the right media agencies and journalists. This certainly comes into it as a key priority – putting all your eggs in one basket and failing to shift focus onto your key demographic could be fatal.

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2. Be Picky with Your Press

Public relations strategy might make it seem that you need to go public about every little thing that happens to your brand or firm – this is hardly the case. Do your research on your competition and various news portals and find out what seems to count as ‘newsworthy’ for your field. There’s no point making a big affair out of very little.

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3. Respect the Press!

This is a big one that can fly under the radar of some firms who simply just want to get the word out there as soon as possible – journalists and the media are your friends, or at least they need to be! You should ideally focus on building strong, meaningful relationships with the media – particularly local journalists or those specialized in your field – as this means that you can cultivate a mutual partnership in future.

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4. Build Your Relevancy

Worried that you don’t have any solid news to share? Make yourself relevant – use public relations to your advantage and keep an eye on events and trends in your field which you can jump onto and tailor to your services and key demographic. For example, look at what brands do on social media – think of this strategy as akin to leaping on a hashtag on Twitter and making it relevant to your cause.

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5. Tell a Story

Finally, this is one which you can go really creative with – let your news piece tell a story. Focus on how your audience or customers are to be affected – put them in the center and build a story around them where you help to enrich their lives. Be creative in all of your writing and your strategy!

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