Most Beautiful Cities in Italy


Italy is perfect for a nice city trip. Of course you should see Rome, Florence and Venice at least once, but there are many more cities in Italy that are worth visiting. The most beautiful cities in Italy are also the most beautiful cities in the world. It is a country full of history and medieval architecture. No shortage of beauty!

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Rome, city of the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Vatican. No shortage of sights in the Italian capital and during a city trip to Rome you will never be bored. Whether you take a city walk through the atmospheric streets, go shopping at Italian fashion houses or have just joined one of thousands of restaurants, Rome will always feel like the real Italy. In summer it is usually hot and crowded, so preferably plan your visit outside of the holidays.

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Fair is fair, Venice is flooded with tourists and especially in high season it is overrun. However, that should not stop you from visiting this place once in your life. Venice is beautiful and the city attracts so many tourists for a reason. Our advice: take a look at St. Mark's Square and then dive into an alley. In the side streets you stand eye to eye with the real Venice. Here you can sit down in local restaurants and meet the friendly residents.

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Just like Venice, Verona is also a romantic Italian city. This is the city of Romeo and Juliet. You can go to Julia's house for a declaration of love. And for happiness in love you have to touch the right breast of Julia's statue. After a weekend in Verona, your love life is (again) completely on track!

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Cannobio is the most beautiful place on Lake Maggiore. There is a super cozy boulevard full of terraces, an old town center with narrow streets, delicious trattorias and ristoranti and of course a great location on the lake. Cannobio can be found on the western shores of Lake Maggiore.

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On the Italian Riviera you will find the picturesque fishing village of Portofino. The hilly peninsula on which Portofino is located has the status of a regional nature park and this guarantees a beautiful green environment. The port of Portofino is seen as one of the most beautiful on the Mediterranean.

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Cinque Terre

We cheat a bit, because the Cinque Terre actually consists of five villages on the coast of Liguria: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, together listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Five picturesque villages, stuck against the steep cliffs of one of Italy's most beautiful coastal landscapes, with tiny fishing ports and atmospheric terraces.

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Siena is, according to many, the most beautiful city in Tuscany, partly because the medieval history here is so beautifully preserved. The shell-shaped Piazza del Campo is perhaps the most beautiful town square in Europe. But it are narrow streets of Siena that you really fall in love with. Those medieval streets that become so narrow between imposing tall old buildings.

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Let us not forget Sicily, because the city of Palermo in particular is an excellent destination for a nice city trip in Italy. Palermo has a vast center that largely consists of classical buildings, beautiful inner gardens and impressive palaces and cathedrals. For example, take a look at the Palazzo dei Normanni and admire the view from the top of the cathedral.

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Tropea is a beautiful historic seaside resort on a crystal clear sea, relatively little visited by western tourists. After all, the town lies in Italy's southernmost and poorest region: Calabria. The sea at Tropea is azure blue and crystal clear; nearby are various sandy beaches and spectacular bays (Capo Vaticano!).

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Alberobello is almost surreal and renowned worldwide for its many 'trulli' and declared UNESCO World Heritage. Trulli are old limestone houses with conical roofs. They almost look like fairytale shelters for gnomes or dwarfs. The trulli were once built as simple, quickly (to be) constructed houses for farm workers, but now form an iconic piece of architecture for the Puglia region.

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The residents of this beautiful hill town in Puglia are required to whitewash their homes every year. In this way Ostuni can retain the nickname 'La città bianca', or 'the white town'. The streets of the old center, which is located on three hills, are narrow and steep. You can stroll around here and enjoy the local restaurants, the photogenic houses and the views over the green valley to the Adriatic Sea.