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Key Principles That Keep Startup Businesses From Falling

Key Principles That Keep Startup Businesses From Falling

Do you know that managing a small business can be more stressful than raising a family or maintaining a healthy love life? It takes a lot of perseverance, patience, efforts, skills, and resources to build and sustain a business for years. Unfortunately, 80% of new businesses fail after two years of operation. Why? The answer is simple – lack of preparation.

So many small business owners have great ideas but they don’t have what it takes to sustain and grow their business. Fact is every business is unique in its own sense but there are some key principles to master for success. Ask a few successful business owners about their success story and you’ll hear interesting tales that have to do with sacrifice, perseverance, and sheer determination.

If you have everything you need to get your business up and running, it is high time you lived by these key principles if you want to prevent your start-up business from failing.

Be Courageous

As an entrepreneur, you must be willing to take risks. You must have the courage to do something extraordinary.  Also, you have to do all it takes to get your business to the outside world. Don’t be scared to invest in advertisement and other means of marketing promotions to increase brand awareness

Sadly, most businesses do not believe in advertisement and marketing promotions. They are of the opinion that it does not bring in the required sales hence they intend playing safe. It is better to do the needful by investing your time and resources in what’s right and hope that it works rather than doing nothing.

Create unique business strategies that work for you. Not only that, you also should summon the courage to implement the strategies. One of the reasons why most startup businesses fail is because they don’t have the courage to go through the challenges they are likely to face. You don’t want to be one of them, do you?


One of the keys to being a successful business owner is persistence and determination. As a startup, you need to work hard and focus on the most important areas of your business. You have to be determined to weather the storm and do everything humanly possible to be successful.

You must be passionate about your business. This will keep you going regardless of the challenges and obstacles you would most likely encounter. Remember success comes when you’re on the verge of giving up.


Most start-up businesses want to see results immediately, but sadly it doesn’t work that way. It takes an average of 4 years of hard work, persistence, and determination to become successful in your chosen field. Likewise, it is important to know that success doesn’t happen overnight. Success is like a planted seed, it takes time to mature. You have to spend some time in your line of business to know what works and what doesn’t. And there’s one thing that can make you last that long – patience.

Every successful business owner knows for sure that the early stages of a business are usually tough and challenging. Worst of all, a few of these challenges are sometimes beyond human control. Certainly, the best way to deal with such a situation is to wait it out. Be patient, calculated and stay calm.

It may be true that you’ve done everything possible to get your business up and running. And now the first half of the year has gone by with nothing to show for it. Another six months have gone past, and you’re yet to make any substantial sales. At this stage, anxiety and fear sets in; don’t despair. Be determined and stay calm. So long as you’re doing what’s right, you’ll eventually become successful.

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