3 best online businesses you can start today at lower cost

Perhaps, you have the spirit of an entrepreneur and a great business idea but are lacking in funds. Good news is you can start your own online business for free. No doubt, every business, no matter how small, require some financial commitment, there are things you can do that doesn’t require several thousands of dollars. Here are some online businesses you can start with no money

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Drop Shipping

One of the benefits of starting an online drop shipping business is that, as a small business owner, you don’t necessarily need a large inventory of products or take up the responsibility of product delivery to your customers.  More so, online drop shipping business offers the following benefits

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  • Cost of operation is minimal
  • Prevent storage of large inventory
  • Eliminate the hassles of product delivery to customers anywhere in the world

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Online drop shipping business presents the opportunity to offer an array of products with low financial cost. With drop shipping, you don’t have to buy any product unless the actual sale is made. In fact, you don’t have to store or produce any item at all. All you have to do is to liaise with a company that major in drop shipping. The best way to grow an online business is to build trust. To do this, you have to choose a reputable drop shipper that you can rely on to deliver to your clients.

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Affiliate Marketing

Just like drop shipping, affiliate marketing doesn’t require having an inventory of your own products. In the same vein, you have nothing to do with shipping products to customers. The first step in starting an affiliate marketing business is to choose the right niche and then find an affiliate partner who specializes in your chosen field. There are thousands of affiliate site on the internet. 

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How Does Affiliate Marketing Work? 

It simple – affiliate marketing entails adding links to your chosen products on your blog or website, and each time a customer buys the product through the link, you get a commission.  To increase awareness, add the links to the contents on your blog. An example is publishing a product review. Make sure the review ends with a call to action and an affiliate link that will direct potential customers to your partner’s shopping site. This increases your chances of making a sale.

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Freelance Writing

This is one of the best online businesses you can start for free. You don’t have to be a native English speaker to take up freelance writing jobs. Remarkably, freelance writing is a great way to earn a living especially if you’re passionate about writing. The more you write, the better your writing skills.

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Becoming a renowned writer is not an easy task. You need to start from a place. Sign up for freelance job sites. These sites provide freelancers with the chance to display their skills and earn more. It is a place to meet people, interact with clients and more importantly make extra dollars. Since you’re a newbie on the sites the payout may not be encouraging. And after several months of freelancing, you should have built yourself a good portfolio and add some good reviews to your name. With this, you can be able to pursue bigger, better projects with good pay.

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The key to succeeding in any business is passion. You must be passionate about what you do. For without passion, you will lack the motivation to weather the storm and forge ahead. This is one of the reasons why most online businesses fail. Don’t just go after the money, instead go with what you enjoy doing.

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