How to find cheap flights?

Who doesn’t like to travel? When we look for a new holiday destination, we try to keep ourselves as much as possible within our travel budget. To succeed, the cost of your flight plays a huge role. Therefore, we give you these tips to book cheap flights for your next trip.

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Be flexible

The level of the prices depends very much on the period in which you want to travel. The high season of your destination will ensure that the price for your flight is much more expensive than at another time. Use a comparison website to see the cheapest routes for an entire month. Also, try to fly on a weekday instead of the weekend. Those who leave on a Friday or Saturday will also pay a lot more than those who leave on a Wednesday.

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Choose indirect flights

If you are not in a hurry to reach your final destination, consider booking a flight with one or more intermediate destinations. Indirect flights are often cheaper than direct flights. Flight comparison websites often allow you to search for indirect flights so you immediately see the cheapest options for your trip. A time-consuming indirect flight doesn’t have to be a direct disadvantage for your holiday. For example, a stopover where you have to wait a day for example, New York or Madrid, can be the ideal opportunity to make a mini city trip.

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Be creative with airports

Another way to save money when booking your flight tickets is to be creative with the airports you use. Perhaps the closest airport is not the cheapest to depart from. In some cases it is worth taking the bus or train to a further airport because the price of your train ticket easily compensates for the difference. So be sure to try different airports to leave from. Choosing a different airport than where you landed can also make a difference in the price.

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Take extra baggage costs into account

We have probably experienced it all before. You want to check in your baggage and it appears that your luggage is above the maximum allowed weight, or it appears that checked baggage was not included in the price of your flight ticket. The result? Even before you reach your destination, you can cough up several tens of euros to get your luggage to your destination. Avoid surprises by weighing your luggage at home in advance.

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Book via comparison website

Flight comparison websites guarantees you the cheapest flights by comparing airline tickets. After all, their tool foams the internet to the cheapest rates for your route. In addition, they sometimes offer promotion for certain destinations so that you can buy cheap airline tickets. In some cases, however, it is possible that booking flights directly through the airline is the cheapest option, but even then these comparison websites are the ideal tool to find which airline is the cheapest.

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Set your browser to anonymous mode

Browser Anonymous Mode

The prices of airline tickets can vary considerably from day to day and strangely enough the price will always be higher when you visit the website a second time. There is an obvious reason for this. When you search for a flight on skyscanner for the first time, your browser will remember this by the cookies on your PC. As a result, the website knows that you are interested in booking this flight, as a result the price is slightly increasing. One way to circumvent this price increase is to surf to the booking website in anonymous mode. This can be done by opening an incognito tab or pressing ctrl - n. This prevents the website from recognizing your PC and storing cookies. An alternative might be to check the same flight prices from another PC or device, for example.

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Make use of low budget airline companies

Ryanair, Easyjet, Wizzair, ... these are just a few of the low budget airlines that offer cheap flights within Europe. Sometimes you can even find flights for only 20 euros. Note that such companies often charge extra costs for luggage and the like. For travelers traveling with a limited number of luggage these airlines are ideal. Are you unsure whether a low budget airline company flies to your destination? Flight comparison website search all airlines that exist. So also the low budget airlines. If one of these airlines offers very cheap tickets for your destination, it will appear at the top of their list.

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