Business Plan Executive Summary That Wins Investor’s Attention

Fact is investors don’t have the luxury to read through all the parts of a business plan. So the only way to keep them glued to your write-up is through a well-written and beautifully structured executive summary. More so, this is not the place where you talk a lot about your product/serves rather it elaborates more on your business value. Keep in mind that in order to grab investor’s attention, you need to write captivating contents. Otherwise, they won’t bother reading the other parts of the plan

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Chances are you’ve found hundreds of resources online with details on how to write an investor-friendly executive summary. Though these online resources proved helpful to an extent, they cover details that might take no less than 20 pages and in the end, you’re required to keep it short and simple. How possible is that? Here are some key elements to include in your business plan’s executive summary and the best part is you can address it in just two pages

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1. The Pain in the Market and the Solution

This is one of the vital parts of the summary and it should be in the first paragraph. This part should include the pain in the market that you aim to solve and the product/services you’re offering to the target market. It has nothing to do with your dream of how to transform the world into a better place. More importantly, avoid writing long history

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2. The Target Market

Nobody wants to invest in a business with a less than proportionate market opportunity. Make investors see the reason why they should commit to funding your business; else they might have themselves to blame for letting this big opportunity slip. Write a few sentences stating clearly that you’re targeting a growing market opportunity. Provide detailed information about the basic market segmentation that meets the proffered solution.

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3. Unfair advantage

List out the unique features that will give you an edge over your competitors in the industry. Every business regardless of its uniqueness has several competitors. So it will be wise not to tell your investors that there are no business competing with you – that’s a big lie. To them, it means you have not done your market research properly and this in turn means there is little or no market for your product/services. Hence, it is not worthy of external funding.

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4. Business Model

As a start-up, you may likely want to penetrate into the market by offering prices lower than that of a competitor. But if you make a loss on each item, no investor will be willing and ready to provide the much needed finance to make your business idea a reality.  State clearly your marketing strategy and the ways through which you will attract more customers.

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5. Who Makes Up The Team?

Of course, your ideas might be great but who are the people behind the idea? Every investor wants to know the stellar team that will handle this project. Are they qualified? Do they have any experience in the industry? Provide a brief synopsis of each team member and state why they are the perfect fit for the role. Remember investors don’t make funds available on seeing the idea alone; they focus majorly on funding the right people who have what it takes to efficiently execute the plan.

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6. How Much Do You Seek?

It should include the amount you seek. Set targets for yourself. Provide a summary of financial projections. Furthermore, investors need to know how much money you’ve raised and the amount you are currently seeking. Not only that, they also want to know what they stand to gain.

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Your executive summary should include all major points. Sit down and think through each key issue that should be included. Skipping key points in your summary might make investors and readers lose interest in reading the remaining parts of the plan. A well-written executive summary not only provides an overview of the business plan but also leaves a lasting impression.

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