Best jobs to earn money while traveling

Maybe you dream of a job where you can fly all over the world. Or you want to earn money from every destination you are at. Does earning an income while traveling seem like an impossible combination? It isn’t. Whether it’s working as a digital nomad or working on campsite in France, here are the best jobs to earn money while traveling.

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Working as an au pair

Working as an AU Pair

Are you good with children and do you want to get to know a specific country or culture, then an au pair job might be something for you. As an au pair you live with a family in your home and you help with the care of the children and the household. You do not earn a lot of money, as you often work for board and lodging and sometimes you also get a little extra. But it is a special adventure abroad. It is the way to learn a new language and in your spare time you can get to know the area better.

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Ski instructor

Ski Instructor

Do you like winter sports and a fresh pack of snow? Then train yourself to become a ski instructor and spend the winter in the mountains in Austria. During the day you transfer your enthusiasm to beginning skiers and you can work on your own skills in your free time.

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Digital nomad

Digital Nomad

A digital nomad is someone who can work location independently. The only thing you need is a stable internet connection, because for work it doesn't matter whether you are behind your laptop in Amsterdam or in Timbuktu. If you are employed, you can look at your boss with love, but most digital nomads are self-employed.

Which professions lend themselves well to the digital nomadship? Writing, illustrating, photographing, web design and translating, for example, but you can of course also run a webshop from abroad, work as an independent travel agent or do online coaching via Skype. As long as your clients have no problem with it, the possibilities are endless, and otherwise there are plenty of creative ways to make money.

As a writer you can start a blog and delve into affiliate marketing, a photographer can sell his (travel) photos to image banks and as a translator you can collect assignments through, for example, Upwork.

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Work in a hostel

Work in a hostel

Do you stay in one place for a longer period of time and do you speak a few languages? Ask around for work in a hostel. In many large cities they are eager for international staff and if you like the dynamics of a hostel, this is really a job for you. You often work in exchange for a place to sleep, but there are also plenty of places where you just get paid. A nice way to make money and get to know many new people at the same time.

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Working on a campsite in France

Work on a campsite

Parlez-vous français? Then work at a campsite in France. You are away from home for a few months and you can fully enjoy the good French life in your free time. During the summer season, camping jobs are available for pick up and there are various organizations that can arrange that for you.

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Teaching English

English Teacher

In many countries people are eager to teach English. A condition is that you have a good knowledge of English. Take a look in South America or Asia and approach schools to ask if they are still looking for people. This way you earn a nice income and you find yourself in a beautiful environment. If you really want to do it professionally and earn a reasonable salary, you can do a TELF course in advance. This is an internationally recognized course to teach English.

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Tour guide

Tour Guide

As a travel guide or animator in a hotel, campsite or holiday domain you ensure that tourists experience a pleasant stay. You organize excursions or provide evening entertainment, all in a (often) sunny setting! Unfortunately, this does not earn you an exceptionally high amount of money, but often your stay, food and transport are paid for by the travel company. All you earn is extra, right in the pocket.

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Fruit picker

Fruit Picker

If you want to enjoy the world for a while and meanwhile earn some money, consider a temporary job as a fruit picker. Especially in countries like Australia there is a demand for young fruit pickers, who can easily get started with a work visa. It is best to check in advance when exactly harvesting is taking place, otherwise you will be having a hard time finding work.

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