Best Hikes in Canada


The most beautiful hiking trails in Canada are only a fraction of the tens of thousands of miles of hiking pleasure that have been built in Canada. Whether you want to walk through temperate rainforests, through the mountains, across the tundra or through a piece of desert, Canada has it all.

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Sunshine Coast trail, British Columbia

Sunshine Coast Trail

The Sunshine Coast Trail is a whopping 180 km long hiking route along the picturesque coast of British Columbia. The route runs through the mountains and along the most beautiful lakes of British Columbia and is a challenge for the true dedicated walkers.

It is Canada's longest cabin-to-cabin walking route. Hikers can explore the route in hikes ranging in length from a few hours to an entire day, but also for a week or longer, where they spend the night in one of the 12 cabins or on one of the campsites along the hiking route. If you have the opportunity for 10 to 12 days, try walking the route in its entirety. You will not regret it, because this gem is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Canada.

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West Coast Trail, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

West Coast Trail

Over 75 km along the west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, the world-famous West Coast Trail, a path originally built in 1907 to provide shipwrecked people with infrastructure to reach civilization. Although the route was vital at the time, the West Coast Trail is now one of Canada's most popular walking routes.

The route can be taken by hikers in 3 to 6 days. The countless dizzying steps that form part of the route and the campsite at Tsusiat Falls are the most characteristic of this hiking route.

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Chilkoot Trail, British Columbia and Alaska

Chilkoot Trail

There is an absolute classic among the hiking trails in Canada between northern British Columbia and Alaska. This 53 kilometer long hiking route has been a must for fervent walkers for decades. The route was once laid out by First Nations and used intensively by gold diggers during the Gold Rush. Nowadays, the Chilkoot Trail is a multi-day hiking route, which is mainly traveled by tourists. The short season from mid-June to early September, where you can expect snow even in July, will require you to be well prepared on the road.

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Skyline Trail, Alberta

Skyline Trail

The 42-kilometer hiking route Skyline Trail is the pinnacle when it comes to hiking trails in Jasper National Park. This route meanders more than half of the trail above the treeline. Imagine that this walking route does a considerable attack on your athletic skills, because the difference in height that you bridge during this walking tour is around 1200 meters.

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Berg Lake Trail, British Columbia

Berg Lake Trail

Mount Robson Provincial Park, where BC's highest mountain is located, is also home to the 23-kilometer-long Berg Lake Trail hiking trail. Nearby you will come across the beautiful Kinney Lake glacier lake and the thundering waterfall Emperor Falls.

The Berg Lake Trail section rises around 800 meters in height. The route of the hiking trail runs partly along the slopes of Mount Robson which, with its height of 3959 meters, stands majestically above everything.

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Fundy Trail, New Brunswick

Fundy Trail

The Fundy Trail along the New Brunswick coast is named after the Bay of Fundy, the bay with the largest tidal differences in the world. This walking route is relatively unknown to the general public. It is a 42 kilometer long walking route that is only suitable for experienced walkers and can be walked in about four days. Along the way you have a lot of beautiful views and vistas from the sometimes 100-meter high cliffs. You look out over the Fundy Bay that flows empty or full with the tides. The densely wooded area and the beautiful views make this route one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Canada.

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Bruce Trail, Ontario

Bruce Trail

There are people who have covered the entire Bruce Trail in Ontario non-stop, but 885 kilometers is a tough hike. It makes more sense to choose a section of the Bruce Trail and go hiking there.

Along the route are campsites, hotels and Bed & Breakfasts, so accommodation can always be arranged. During the walks, enjoy the lush Carolingian forests, the beautiful views of Lake Ontario in the south and Georgian Bay in the north and especially the tranquility along Canada's oldest and longest uninterrupted footpath. Some of the most remote paths can be found along the Bruce Peninsula.

The view from the Blue Mountains is overwhelming and along the route at the slopes at Niagara you will find the world famous wineries. Waterfalls lovers should focus on Iroquoia near Hamilton. Walk the route of the Bruce Trail preferably in the fall, when the colors of the trees are the most spectacular.

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