9 Benefits of Amazon Business Account

Just as the name implies, an Amazon Business account is a specialized program on Amazon specifically designed for business owners. It works for both small and big businesses. A great choice for companies who do not want to go beyond their budget limit when it comes to purchasing corporate items. 

Creating an Amazon Business account is free. What’s more, the administrator can create more user accounts to allow employees to make purchases for the company. 

Amazon Business works in the same fashion as a standard Amazon account. If you’ve ever purchased an item on Amazon, then you already know how it works. 

Once you’ve logged on to your account, upon surfing the site for some corporate items, you will be greeted by unbelievable discounted offers exclusive to Amazon Business users. 

9 Benefits of Amazon Business Account

You’ve probably shopped on Amazon to take advantage of the discounted offers and purchase bulk items at cheaper rates. If you haven’t, you’ve at least heard about the biggest e-commerce online store in the world today. Amazon has a lot of amazing benefits lined up for its customers including small business owners. 

There are specialized programs like Amazon Business account that offer even more benefits beyond discounted offers, cheap prices, and free shipping. To partake of these benefits, you need to be a registered user of the featured programs. Regular Amazon users will not benefit from these schemes. 

Amazon Business comes with some useful features that make purchasing corporate items and supplies through Amazon cheaper, easier, and more efficient. 


Amazon Business account offers a wide range of benefits such as

  • Business-only prices allow you to enjoy discounted offers, competitive prices, and exclusive deals on millions of corporate products on Amazon. 
  • Keep track of purchases 
  • Get bulk orders delivered via pallet delivery at no extra cost. 
  • Choose your most preferred payment option
  • Eligible to apply for Amazon Tax Exemption Program. 
  • It comes with great tools like Amazon Business Analytics to keep track of purchases and spending limits
  • Multi-user accounts
  • Price comparison options
  • Responsive customer support if you have any issues

Who Is Amazon Business for?

Amazon Business account is a program designed for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses take advantage of this program to automate the delivery of essential corporate items. Likewise, big businesses with a large workforce make use of Amazon Business to ensure the delivery of crucial office supplies and items. 

To sign up, you are required to provide vital information such as business email, business tax ID, address, and credit card. It takes less than 24 hours to complete the verification process and approve your account. 

What Happens to Your Individual Amazon Account?

When you create a new Amazon Business account, what you do with your individual Amazon account is up to you. You can upgrade your current account to Amazon Business account. Alternatively, you can create a new account to cater to your business needs. This way, you have separate Amazon accounts for business and personal purchases. 

Amazon Business Account Fees

Creating an Amazon Business account comes at no extra charge. It is free unless you want to upgrade to Business Prime Shipping. To upgrade your account, you will be charged a fee. The annual subscription fee is based on the number of users per account. Check out the pricing structure for Amazon Prime membership

  • Essentials: $179 per year for up to 3 users (max 3 users)
  • Small: $499 per year for up to 10 users (max 10 users)
  • Medium: $1,299 per year for up to 100 users (max 100 users)
  • Enterprise: $10,099 per year for over 100 users

Regardless of your industry, Amazon Business has so many juicy offers stocked up for you. Sign up today!

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