Best website marketing strategy

About 78% of internet users turn to the internet to search for products when they wish to make a purchase. So, a vast proportion of your target audience is currently on the web, searching among a wave of competitors.

To maximize your business’ revenue and market share, you need to get it onto the internet – pronto.

This means investing your time and bucks into internet marketing is a need of the hour.


6 types of web marketing strategy

There are several forms of digital marketing. But as a beginner, you should begin with the following categories.


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1, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


If you have a business website and want people to visit it when they search for something relevant, that’s where SEO comes in.

Think of it like this. If somebody wants to buy a salt lamp and you have a business specializing in salt lamp products, you’d want your website to rank high when they search for “best salt lamps near me” on Google. The ranking is courtesy of SEO.

This involves technical, on-page, and off-page SEO and is a combination of using the right keywords and meta and title tags to rank higher. Several software can help you achieve this.


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2, Social Media Marketing (SMM)


While delighting and converting consumers remains a prime business objective, enterprises also wish to establish a connection with their clients. SMM helps in attaining that.

SMM strategies focus on imparting information to and developing a bond with visitors. This is established through the publishing of relevant content, such as blogs, or review forums. Such methods enhance brand loyalty to develop a community of consumers.


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3, Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)


Digital campaigns take time to work, especially SEO considering it aims to generate organic traffic. However, you can boost your marketing campaign with PPC advertising.

Simply put, in PPC, you can have your website rank higher on a search engine and would be required to pay for every digital click.

The results usually rank above the organic listings generated by SEO, and so have a higher reach – but of course, do come at a cost.  


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4, Email Marketing


This one’s like cold calling – only digital, much faster, and incredibly accurate.

When you have traffic piling onto your website and have also developed consumer connections, it is time to roll in sales. This is where email marketing software can help immensely.

Send out automated, timed emails to potential and existing consumers via a personalized dashboard. Inform customers about promotions, sales, and new collections to entice revenue!  


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5, Native Advertising


This form of web marketing is often considered marketing in disguise. While the terms "ad" or "promotional content" are displayed, their impact is downplayed with an array of information presented before it.

For example, blog posts that talk about the latest trends in accessory fashion, and perhaps conclude with a call-to-action to a certain accessory by a particular brand. While this is an advert, it is disguised in worthy, readable content to attract consumers to it.

Considering how customers tend to run from ads (hint: click the skip button instantaneously on Youtube Ads) due to them being biased and self-promoting, native advertising improves the consumer’s reactions towards it, making it less stern and more susceptible to conversion.


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6, Marketing Automation  


Once you know what internet marketing is, applying several forms simultaneously might seem exhausting. Fortunately, several software assist in this endeavor.

Opt for automated emailing, a software that manages social media post schedules and posts as instructed, or leverage analytic software to track your campaign's success.


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Internet Marketing may seem like a unique element on the outside. But once you venture into the world, progress comes easily.

Embrace digital marketing campaigns, invest in the right software, and make your mark in the industry, one click at a time. 

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