Travel Cheap in London, UK


London has a lot of astounding free landmarks and destinations that anyone can visit without spending a single penny. The transport options in London are much affordable that suits everyone to have fun by visiting great destinations. Also, with a little bit of planning and management, you can enjoy your travel in London at affordable rates. Traveling in London doesn’t need to be expensive at all as we explain to you how to travel cheap and enjoy exotic locations.

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Guide Outline

  1. London
  2. Cheap Food
  3. Getting Around
  4. Where to Stay
  5. Practical Tips
  6. Do's and Dont's

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London is one of the most visited cities in the world and a cultural melting pot of every nationality you can think of. The city has so many things to offer that it’s hard to pinpoint what to do or where to go and then there is the cost of everything. A daily budget for London might range from £40-£80 though you might be able to spend less if you willing to limit visiting attractions and going out.

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Cheap food

With a mega-tourist city like London, you can expect to find every cuisine imaginable. Some of the most notable places for cheap food are found in popular markets such as Borough Market, Covent Garden Market, Portobello Road Market and Brick Lane Market. If you are really trying to save money, you can get some cheap food at Greggs.

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Getting around

Public transport is incredible with the tube being clean and going everywhere worth visiting. It’s worth investing in an Oyster Card, a £5 reloadable travel card (which can be bought at any tube station or convenience store). The oyster card brings the price of a ride down from £5 to £2.30 and can even be used on the bus so it’s a win-win.

London also has a city bike program that allows you to rent bikes for free if it’s under 30 mins and for £2 if you rent them for a 24-hour period.

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Where to stay

A huge city such as London is going to have endless possibilities when it comes to hostels though some recommended ones for budget backpackers include Astor Hyde Park, Wombats City Hostel London and MENININGER London Hyde Park. Alternatively, check out a few Airbnb properties which are also reasonably priced.

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Practical tips

  • Central London is easier to get around walking or cycling instead of using public transport. Especially during busy times, it’s actually faster to walk between stations.
    • There is a host of free attractions and landmarks throughout the city such as Tate Modern, National Gallery, British Museum and also the famous “Changing the Guard.”
    • Consider getting a London Pass as it can get you into over 60 attractions for free such as the tower of London and Thames River Cruise.
    • Beat queues and save money by always booking in advance.

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Dos and don’ts


  • Do have a pint in a traditional pub
  • Do bring an umbrella as the weather is unpredictable
  • Do buy cocktails when it’s happy hour

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  • Don’t ignore the queue, it’s considered bad manners and you might end up in an argument
  • Don’t use the underground during peak hours, it’s better to walk or cycle during this time
  • Don’t stand on the left of the escalator in the London underground
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for directions if you get lost, Londoners are fairly polite and helpful

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