Travel Cheap in Berlin, Germany


Apart from Germany’s capital, Berlin is the biggest city in the country that consists of the most unstable history than any European capital. In recent years, Berlin has appeared as one of the most popular destinations in Europe. A lot of art and history is involved here with so many creative artists, writers and more. For tourists, Berlin has become a very popular destination where they can travel and live the great nightlife. Here some tips that can help anyone to travel cheap in Berlin.

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Guide Outline

  1. Berlin
  2. Cheap Food
  3. Getting Around
  4. Where to Stay
  5. Practical Tips
  6. Do's
  7. Dont's

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After the Berlin wall was knocked down, people flooded into East Berlin and found cheap homes and abandoned workspaces which attracted many artists, musicians and creative people from all over the world. The allure of affordability generated a wave of youthful and free-spirited folk which is why the city has a prominent art and music scene.

Berlin is a cheap city to visit with a recommended daily budget of €33-€45 per day though the city is spread-out so it might take a while to explore and so cost a little more.

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Cheap food

Berlin has a great food scene that caters for anyone on a budget. It’s worth checking out foodie blogs on Berlin such as Berlin Food Stories because there are always new restaurants opening up. The city has a huge Turkish population so a cheap Doner Kebab can be bought for €2-3. There is also a lot of street food in the city; you can expect to buy bratwurst and other tasty similar treats in a food market or on a side street.

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Getting around

Berlin is big so to get to most attractions and really explore, you will need to use public transport. Fortunately, there are a lot of options such as trains, trams, buses, bikes and taxis and prices aren’t too bad either.

The U-Bahn, S-Bahn, bus, tram, and regional rail all use the same ticket and make sure to validate the ticket before getting on the train.

Single One-Way Ticket: €2.60

Short Distance (three stop) Single One-Way Ticket: €1.50

Day Card: €6.70

Small Group Ticket (for up to five people — this is the most cost-effective for three people and above): €16.20

Bike Rental: €8-€12/day

Bus between Tegel Airport and City Center: €2.40

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Where to stay

Hostels in Berlin are reasonable with the average hostel costing anywhere from €14-€30/night.

It’s best to use hostelworld or booking to check for special deals, in particular any of the following hostels; PLUS Berlin, Jetpack Alternative, Wombats City Hostel Berlin and The Circus Hostel.

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Practical tips

  • If you intend on seeing a lot of museums, you should consider getting a Berlin Pass which will save you a good bit of money.
  • Visit flea markets in Mauerpark for insane bargains.
  • Bring your student ID when you visit museums for a discount (usually ½ price).
  • Dress warm if it’s winter time as the city can get really cold.

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  • Do have a beer on the go, you can drink anywhere in the city
  • Do expect to see same-sex couples kissing in public, Berlin is a very open and progressive city to the rest of Europe

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  • Don’t speak English if you queue for the famous Berghain club which is notorious for being hard to get into.
  • Don’t litter, Berliners are massive advocates for recycling
  • Don’t use taxis when public transport is affordable and 24/7 on weekends

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