Travel Cheap Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona certainly looks to find its way onto most people’s itineraries because of its exotic locations and landmarks. It has a vivacious food, an excess of matchless historic architecture, beaches, and the great nightlife in Europe. This travel guide for Barcelona will assist you to plan your travel cheap trip and provide you with some great tips for getting out the most fun from your time within the budget.

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Guide Outline

  1. Barcelona
  2. Cheap Food
  3. Getting Around
  4. Where to Stay
  5. Practical Tips
  6. Do's and Dont's

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Barcelona has a vibrant food scene, great Mediterranean weather, beautiful beaches and a great nightlife. When it comes to price, the city isn’t too expensive but it also isn’t cheap either so you should have a tactical plan before visiting.

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Cheap food

There are loads of food options in the city; in fact, the city has the highest number of restaurants and bars per capita in all of Europe. The quality of food however isn’t particularly great in the tourist spots so do some research beforehand or else you might overpay for low-quality grub.

Lunch tends to be the biggest meal of the day in Barcelona and most locals don’t eat dinner until around 10 pm so you might expect some places to be closed in the early evening.

Tapas are the go-to dish if you are in Spain and are usually quite affordable. In some parts of Spain such as Madrid and Granada, tapas is usually free so long as you are buying alcohol in the bar but this would be rare to find in the city. You might spend €3-5 on a meal if you venture further out of the city.

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Getting around

The city has a great public transport network and the metro is commonly used for long distance travel though the city is compact and most visitors end up walking everywhere anyways. During a hot day, the metro is worth taking a ride since it’s air conditioned.

Ticket prices are as follows-

Single one-way ticket: €2.15

T10 ticket (10 one-way journeys): €9.95

2-day pass: €14
3-day pass: €20.50
4-day pass: €26.50
5-day pass: €32

Barcelona Tourist Card (free unlimited public transit, including to/from airport, entry to some museums & other benefits):

2-day pass: €34

3-day pass: €44

4-day pass: €52

5-day pass: €58

Bus from airport to city: €5.90

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Where to stay

There are a lot of cheap hostels in the city which also have great reviews though prices increase during the summer as more tourists flock to the city so it’s best to book as early as possible. A few recommended hostels to consider include Hostel One Sants, Sant Jordi Gracia and Feetup Garden House.

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Practical tips

  • Many of the city-run museums are free every Sunday from 3-8pm.
  • Catalán is the main language spoken in Barcelona; however, Spanish is also spoken by just about everyone.
  • Always try to book tickets online as attractions attract huge crowds which also mean huge lines.
  • The best way to explore the city is by walking around since everything is compact and easy to find.
  • Be vigilant for pickpockets, especially around nighttime.
  • Every Metro stop has free WIFI.
  • Most restaurants close around 2-4pm and then re-open after 8pm.

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Do’s and Dont’s


  • Do try to learn  a few words in Spanish and catalan
  • Do check out museum stores for good books on the city

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  • Don’t eat in any restaurant on Las Ramblas. Most of the time, you will be overpaying for low quality food.
  • Don’t talk about politics, especially Catalan independence.
  • Don’t order Paella for dinner, it’s considered a heavy dish.

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