Travel Cheap in Amsterdam


In many ways, Amsterdam is considered as an ideal city to visit for a budget-conscious people. A lot of its attractions are free or have a rate of only a few Euros. The cost of staying and traveling in Amsterdam can be high, but still, there is a possibility to discover affordable and cheap rates. We have some great tips to travel cheaply in Amsterdam with the best food and hotels.

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Guide Outline

  1. Amsterdam
  2. Cheap Food
  3. Getting Around
  4. Where to Stay
  5. Practical Tips
  6. Do's and Dont's

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There are so many vices that come to mind when we think of Amsterdam such as weed and legal prostitution however the city has so much more to offer. Amsterdam isn’t cheap with attractions and accommodation often being quite costly in comparison to many other European cities. A daily budget of €40-€80 is recommended though you can spend much less if you plan ahead.  The city is compact and most landmarks or attractions are within walking distance; though if you spend too much time in one of the infamous coffee-shops, you may not wish to walk anywhere.

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Cheap food


Amsterdam isn’t much of an advocate for foodies though there are a few prime spots to save money and get a great meal or two.  The further you move away from the city centre, the cheaper the food options, especially Turkish kebabs for €3-5 or pizza slices for €1.  And then there is Febo which is a unique restaurant that has vending machines full of fast food. 

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Getting around

The cheapest way to get around (apart from walking) is by renting a bike from anywhere between €3-10 and the city is designed to accommodate cyclists with bike lanes everywhere. Public transport is fairly easy to use too but if you jump on either, you should understand that they only accept payments by card and won’t take cash. Tickets for tram and bus are the same and one ticket can be used for both, Ticket prices are as follows-

24 hours (1 day) € 7.50

48 hours (2 days) € 12.00

72 hours (3 days) € 16.50

96 hours (4 days) € 21.00

120 hours (5 days) € 26.00

144 hours (6 days) € 29.50

168 hours (7 days) € 32.00

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Where to stay


Hostels are your best bet for saving money, it’s worth going on booking or hostelworld for special deals though you can always couchsurf. One of the cheapest hostels around is called princess hostel for about €5-9 a night however it’s not very roomy and there isn’t much opportunity to socialise. Flying pig hostel is a little more expensive at around €10-15 a night however it’s a fantastic place to meet people and there is the option of using the kitchen to cook meals and save more money.

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Practical tips

  • Prebook tickets to popular museums to avoid waiting in long lines or buy an I Amsterdam City card which allows you to visit multiple museums for a better price.
  • Many shops close around 5pm or 6pm during the week though on Thursday they stay open at 9m.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t speak Dutch as most speak English, probably even better than yourself.
  • For a great view of the city and one that is free, head to the Amsterdam Public Library.

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Do’s and donts


  • Do visit Vondelpark to escape the city and have a relaxing walk
  • Be alert for pickpockets in busy tourist spots
  • Do take a stroll along the canals at night

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  • Don’t ever take pictures at the red light district
  • Don’t mistake a space cake for a brownie
  • Don’t mistake a cycle lane for a pavement

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