Windows Tune Up – How to Keep Your Computer Running

A computer can be compared to a car. They both need regular maintenance in order to keep performing in tip-top shape. When you hit on the gas pedal, it is expected to move without any glitches. Also, when you step on the brakes, the car is expected to come to a halt. A computer is no different.

A computer is designed to multi-task. Apart from loading the latest graphics design application smoothly, users should be able to surf the web at lightning speed. But as you already know, machines are susceptible to wear and tear. They are expected to experience performance degradation, which in no handle in the nick of time can result into something a lot more catastrophic. In this case, a Windows tune-up is mandatory. More so, periodic windows tune-up ensures that the system delivers peak performance to the driver.

Check out the many ways to ensure your computer keeps running at its best.

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Hard Disk Defragmentation

Your hard disk works consistently so long as the PC is in use. Over time, as you constantly add and delete data from your hard drive, hard disk defragmentation sets in. Every time you perform an action such as opening a file, browsing over the internet, or watching a video, your computer fetches the data from its location on the hard drive. Also, whenever you create or modify a file, your computer finds a space on your hard drive on which the data will be stored. A single file could comprise bits or bytes scattered in different spots on the hard disk. This makes the hard drive work even more. To get your hard disk up to par to the required performance level, reorganizing the data is a must. More reason why you need Windows tuneup

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Anti-Virus Software

You’ve heard or read stories of individuals and businesses losing sensitive data and information for accessing a file or link with a virus in it. While you might begin to experience the havoc caused by these viruses almost immediately, some act discreetly. They do not show any sign until it’s too late. In most cases, these viruses take up a lot of space on your hard drive, thus affecting its performance levels. Installing anti-virus software from a reliable vendor can save you from all these troubles. A Windows tune-up will be considered incomplete without first scanning your PC for viruses.

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Registry Cleaner

The Windows Registry is otherwise known as the operating system’s master database where data about all the hardware and software installed on the PC are stored. Creating and editing files further increases the size of the database. It can grow into a bigger size, if left unchecked, resulting in a significant reduction in computer performance.

Running a Windows registry cleaner can help fix major errors. By so doing, your computer performance level will improve significantly. A registry cleaner is without a doubt a major step in Windows tune-up process.

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Delete Programs and Files You Don’t Need

Many computer users are in the habit of installing new software or upgrading to the latest software on the market. But what these people fail to understand is that for every new software installed on their computer it not just consume space on the hard disk but also creates an entry into the Windows Registry. This leaves the registry cluttered.

To ensure your computer works at an optimal level, perform a thorough Windows tune-up by installing anti-virus software, cleaning Windows registry, and deleting unneeded programs and files. These software packages are taking up spaces in your hard disk.

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