What is Application Software?

The number of application software packages has grown exponentially. Unlike traditional software, application software is designed to be flexible and easily accessible anywhere across the globe. They are less stressful and come equipped with a simple user interface (UI). Application software is any program or a group of programs developed for use by the end-user.

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Types of Application Software

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1. Desktop Applications

While a few desktop applications come pre-installed on the app, you will have to download and install others that you might need. These applications use the memory of the computer to perform whatever task is required of them. Another unique feature of desktop applications is that users can manipulate datasets, graphics or numbers to create an output. Popular examples of computer applicationsinclude music players, word processors, video players and many more.

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2. Web-based Applications

While most applications need to be installed on your device or computer for easy access, a few others allow users access tools, functionalities, and other features through web browsers. Put simply, web-based applications come only in web format and work efficiently when accessed via a web browser. Web-based applications not only save some storage space on your hard drive but also can be accessed from any point in the globe, so long as there is good internet connectivity. Equally impressive is the fact that all information and data get stored in the cloud. Unlike other computer applications, web-based applications are updated automatically, without users facing the risk of downloading and installing an insecure version. This has led to the development of software-as-a-service (SaaS), in which users pay a certain amount of money, monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly or annually. The paid subscription allows easy access to the application services. Top examples of SaaS application suites include Oracle and Salesforce.

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Task Oriented

While system software is made up of the operating system, device drivers, servers and software components, programming software is used for writing various computer programs using tools such as linkers, debuggers, editors, compilers/interpreters, and ore. However, application software is a lot different from the two software packages earlier mentioned. Application software is used for the execution of specific tasks. They are extremely handy when it comes to manipulating text, graphics, and numbers.

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Types of Application Software and Its Uses

  • Spreadsheet software – Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers
  • Educational Software – GoogleEarth, dictionaries
  • Word processing software – Notepad, MS Word, WordPad
  • Multimedia software – media player
  • Application suite – Microsoft Word
  • Simulation software – flight and scientific simulators

The market is saturated with all kinds of application software. While some can be accessed free of cost, others require a fee. From numbers to text, application software can serve a wide range of purposes.

Depending on your need and choice of application, you can either install the app software or run it online. More so, the number of applications software available to users today will go on increasing as technology and users evolve. With changing technology, the application software will also need to be modified to meet these changes.

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