What Is An Operating System?


The computer speaks a completely different language that’s quite hard to understand. With the operating system, it’s easier to communicate and understand the computer’s language. In most cases, different programs run simultaneously on the computer, all trying to reach the memory, storage and central processing unit of the system. The operating system coordinates these activities and makes sure that they get exactly what they need.



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Without the operating system, the computer is useless. That’s a fact. Hence, it is the most important software installed on a computer. Primarily, it’s in charge of memory and functionality of the computer including its hardware and software.


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Types of Operating Systems 

Every computer comes with an operating system preload on it. while most people stick with the preloaded versions, others may consider upgrading to the latest versions or change it completely. Some of the widely used operating systems are listed below



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Batch Operating System

Some computer processes require a lot of wait time. To fast track the process, it groups jobs of similar needs and requirements into batches. This operating system communicates with the computer indirectly. In this case, multiple users prepare their jobs and then hand it over to the computer operator individually. The batch operating system makes it easy to manage bulky tasks simultaneously in batch systems.



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Time-Sharing Operating Systems

Specific timing is allocated to each task, allowing every task to work seamlessly. This allows users at different terminals access to the system at the same time. The time allocated to each task for the execution process is known as quantum.


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Distributed Operating System

Distributed operating system is fast growing in popularity across the world. Despite being a fairly new operating system, it is widely accepted. This operating system uses many processors located in different machines. Basically, it allows users to access the devices connected within the network remotely.



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Network Operating System

This operating system handles all tasks related to networking. Users have shared access to security, groups, files, applications and other network functions. In other words, this operating system runs on a server. Another impressive feature of this OS is that all the users know the underlying configuration, of every individual user. For this reason, these computers are otherwise called tightly coupled systems.


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Mobile OS

All of the operating systems mentioned above are designed for desktop and laptop computers. But how about mobile devices such as tablets, phones and MP players? Do mobile devices have their own unique operating system?

Mobile operating systems are specifically designed for mobile devices including tablets, iPad, smartphones and other wearable gadgets. There are quite a number of mobile operating systems on the market with the most popular being the Apple iOS and Google Android. Other mobile operating systems include web, watchOS and BlackBerry.

Keep in mind that each operating system has its own unique features and functionality. If you decide to switch from one OS to another, odds are you might need to familiarize yourself with the features. Given the advancement in technology, modern operating systems are designed to be easy to use.

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