7 Most Popular Outsourcing Destinations

A lot of research and planning is required when a company decide to outsource. Once you determine what services you’re going to outsource, the next question is; which country has the best suitable talent for this task? That’s true that you won’t find competent IT professionals in any country you wish to, and not every country will produce at lower costs. There are specific countries that are best suited to fulfill your outsourcing needs depending on the nature of the tasks. If you are ready to outsource but cannot choose which country to hunt for your outsourcing task, see below our list of top countries to outsource your service or business:

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For all the manufacturers and retailers across the world, China is a key player in the e-commerce business and thus is best for outsourcing your manufacturing service. China expanded its businesses globally around 21 years ago, and since then, it has been successfully dominating the e-commerce businesses across the globe.

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Truly known as the “IT GIANT”, India is the best place if you want your IT support, software development, design or other tech-related tasks from experts at a reasonable cost. Not just tech, with a majority of the population well-versed in English language, India is also famous for outsourcing customer service or call centre departments.

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Home to some of the top software development companies in the world, Ukraine is a hotspot for outsourcing. The cost of outsourcing software development tasks to Ukraine is much lower as compared to other EU countries. As the country’s location is central to most of North America and Europe, Ukraine has adopted a western business model.

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The Philippines consists of highly skilled and talented individuals always willing to deliver the best results in low cost. The nation’s ability to adapt has made it a topmost choice for the outsourcing of any task. With over 95% literacy rate, you are surely going to find some best talents in this country. People from the Philippines can be hired through several freelance platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr.

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Pakistan is another emerging destination for outsourcing. The country that has been in the news for all the wrong reasons offer some of the best services related to IT industry, manufacturing, human resources and customer service. Pakistan has been in the news for the last few years for its always flourishing IT industry and now the country serves as an IT hub to many top companies across the world.

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Brazil saw a 75% increase in its outsourcing revenue in 2008, and since then, there is no coming back. Skilled people, low rates and dedication to the work have made Brazil one of the top countries for outsourcing. It is also the major IT hub in Latin America with many outsourcing companies providing IT related services at low rates.

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You might get surprised seeing Chile in the list, but the truth is, it has become a significant player when it comes to outsourcing. All thanks to its ideal location. About 40% of Chile’s exports go to the United States and many countries in Europe. You can get almost any tasks outsourced to Chile without worrying about overpricing or compromised quality.

Many outsourced companies can also be found in developed countries such as Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand and more. These countries offer the best services to companies across the world but don’t expect the prices to be as low as in Asian or a few countries in Europe. Therefore, depending on your budget and nature of the task, select your destination accordingly and get your jobs done effectively and efficiently.

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