What Are System Utilities


Basically, the function of an operating system is to manage the system resources, allowing users to interact with the apps and programs installed on the computer without any glitches. However, there is a significant body of software that works alongside the operating system but cannot be described as such neither can it be termed application software. This is what is called software utility. A software utility is computer system software designed to analyze, monitor, configure and ensure that the computer runs at maximum capacity. They include backup programs, file re-organization utilities and an array of communication services. In most cases, a utility is usually smaller in size than a standard program and may come pre-built in an operating system or installed separately.



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Utility software focuses on the operational capacity of the computer infrastructure which includes computer hardware, application software, data storage programs, and operating systems. Primary functions of system utilities include

  • Disk defragmentation
  • Data compression
  • Data recovery
  • Files and computer resources management
  • Virus detection
  • System diagnosis


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Examples of Utility Program

Examples of system utilities are antivirus software and disk tools.


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1. Antivirus software

Antivirus software prevents viruses and other harmful programs from penetrating and disrupting the activities of the computer system. Viruses can cause severe damage to data, software or hardware components of a computer. Running an antivirus software helps rid your computer of any viruses. It scans your computer and double-checks your online activity to see that you’re not downloading harmful files. With the range of new viruses that come out all the time, updating your antivirus software regularly is extremely important.



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2. Disk Tools

Disk tools comprise an array of tools designed to manage hard disk drives and other storage devices. These tools help scan the hard disks to detect any threat; disk cleaners for getting rid of unwanted files; and disk defragmenters for re-organizing file fragments which in turn helps boost the performance of the hard disk drive. Disk tools help keep the hard disk drive functioning efficiently. A malfunctioning hard disk drive will most likely have disastrous consequences. Hence, you need your hard disk drive to be in tip-top shape.


Other examples include the following

  • Network managers
  • Application launchers
  • File compression
  • Data security
  • System profilers
  • Data security


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Functions of System Utilities

Utility software is designed specifically to help the operating system run smoothly. That’s not all, it also focuses on boosting the performance of application software and computer hardware. Some of the functions of system utilities include

  • Maintaining and increasing the system’s performance and efficiency
  • Protects the computer from viruses and other harmful programs
  • Boost computers performance and manages computer memory
  • Enhances users experience with its desktop customization options

Basically, system utilities assist users in enhancing the performance of their computers. They also come in handy in memory management, password protection, file compression and many more. If you truly want to make your computer extremely efficient, then make sure you have the right system utility.

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