What Are Computer Drivers?

Your Operating System is the powerhouse of the computer. But the truth is that the OS is not doing this task all alone. There is something called PC drivers designed to simplify the task. PC drivers act as an intermediary between your PC’s hardware and the operating system. Without the drivers, it’s impossible for the OS to interact with hardware devices such as motherboard, processor, graphics card, etc.

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Why do you need PC drivers?

An outdated or improperly installed PC driver will affect your computer’s performance level. Without the device drivers, your operating system will be unable to communicate with the hardware device. Without the right driver, a device is useless. It will never work. Outdated drivers will negatively impact how the OS and hardware devices communicate. The more reason why updating your PC’s drivers is important.

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Finding the right driver for your device

Most PC drivers come pre-installed on your operating system. No doubt, Windows has an arsenal of drivers. When you plug in a new part to your computer, the OS starts work immediately by searching for a driver that fits the new task. Once it finds the right driver, installation begins. After the installation is complete, windows may occasionally ask you whether to reboot the system immediately or after a specified time. A system reboot allows the device drivers to be enabled and serve its purpose.

If Windows fails to find the appropriate driver for your new plugged in device, the best option is that windows will search for a suitable driver online. If a driver is found, then you must download and install immediately.

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Why Should You Update Your Drivers

If you’ve got a problem with your PC, it’s high time you upgraded the drivers. Updating your drivers gives your device the boost it needs to perform optimally. Manufacturers release driver updates regularly to fix bug issues or when they’ve added new features. There’s no denying the fact that upgrade to the latest version increases performance and sometimes resolves security issues.

In rare cases, PC driver update can be problematic, as it can cause the device to malfunction. While some people advocate that it will be needless to update to a newer version if the older version makes your system works just fine, others disagree and recommend updating to a new version for improved performance.  Nonetheless, upgrading to a newer version not only enhances the functionality of the operating system but also puts your mind at rest.

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How to View PC Drivers List

Device Manager is saddled with the responsibility of managing the drivers that act as a mediator between the operating system and the hardware devices. To access the Device Manager in Windows, click on Start and enter device manager in the search box.

Click on Device Manager to display the list of devices available on your PC including Audio, DVD/CD ROM drivers, Mice, Network adapters, Display adapters and many more. To check if the version of a driver is up-to-date, right-click on the driver and select Properties. Not only will you see the version but also the installation date

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