Outsourcing of services is a practice that has been becoming common in companies for last many years. Small to large scale businesses are outsourcing one service or more to third parties that are located in the same country or any other country. Some of the most common countries famous for providing outsourcing service include India, Philippines, Pakistan, Malaysia and Brazil. Numerous companies and even individuals offer outsourcing services in these countries at reasonable costs.

Why Should You Outsource?

Many companies consider outsourcing to cut the costs, but outsourcing is more than that. It lets you hire dedicated and skilled remote staff that could perform your job as per the latest trends and technologies. Below are some of the main advantages of outsourcing:

Competitive Advantage

Outsourcing services allow companies to enjoy a competitive advantage. With outsourcing, companies can get the quality job done at a low cost from the skillful staff.


Hiring a third party provides flexible work options to the businesses. It lets you handle the team at your own pace without having to worry about strict office timings. While outsourced staff can deliver the work in the decided time, companies can focus on other core tasks at the same time.

Cost Reduction

The major advantage of outsourcing is cost reduction. Once the cost is reduced, companies can invest additional capital in other key sectors.

Save Time

Outsourcing some non-key services can save time, effort, operations costs, staff training and education, among others. Consequently, all of this will improve the efficiency of the company and increase productivity.

What Services Can You Outsource?

Depending on the type of company and the sector in charge, some companies will demand one kind of service or another. These are some of the services companies often outsource:

Customer Service

Call centers are an excellent way to outsource customer service, especially for those companies that deal with services requiring regular customer calling. Call center representatives are trained to handle numerous daily calls from people in diverse niches and can save you the expense of hiring additional staff.

Accounting Services

Managing a company's financial records is essential, but it can be a tedious task for some. Keeping track of small business accounts, payroll, accounting, taxes, and other finances can be outsourced to an accounting service company that is skilled in managing accounts.

Recruitment Services

Sometimes having the best talent in your company becomes very difficult if the company wants to recruit it on its own. That's when outsourcing comes in. There are outsourcing companies focused on recruiting, and one of the best platforms is LinkedIn that is full of skillful and expert recruiters.

Social Media Marketing

Online presence is vitally important to a growing company. Regular updates, response to inquiries, and follow-up of comments make it easy for entrepreneurs to engage with their current and potential customers. However, the social media handling task can be time-consuming for many businesses. You can hire a social media marketing consultant to take care of your company's social media promotion, allowing you to focus on other core tasks.

Website Design and Management

A successful business owner does not have to be tech-savvy. They can easily hire a web designer and a developer to manage and administer the company's website, customize its presence in the virtual world according to their needs and requirements.

There is no limit to the services that you can outsource. There are thousands of tasks which companies are outsourcing across the world. Some of them are trending in 2020 such as content marketing, digital marketing, UI UX designers and many others. Depending on the need of your business, first, you should work on what services need to be outsourced, who will be handling the outsourcing process, cost and risks involved.