Understanding the Way Device Driver Works

Adding a new hardware component to your computer requires that you have the right device driver installed on your PC. Every hardware component on your PC has its own unique device driver. For without it, the hardware will malfunction. For instance, the printer can print files and documents only if it has the right printer driver installed on the system. Failing to install the right device driver will cause the external hardware to act up.

Device drivers are files that contain unique code used by the operating system to identify and connect with various hardware devices. What makes up a computer is the external hardware including cams, mouse, keyboards, and printers, among others. The device drivers ensure these external hardware components work optimally.

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How Device Driver Work

The computer’s operating system needs the device driver to communicate with the external hardware devices. The device driver operates based on the command sent by the computer. Once installed the first time, it is highly unlikely that you may have to directly operate or interact with them unless of course, a particular hardware device develops an issue.

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Various Types of Device Drivers

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Keyboard Driver

The keyboard makes it easier for users to input information into the computer. Back in the days, you have to install keyboard drivers before you can use the keyboard with your computer. But it’s a lot easier today. Modern keyboards are now categorized under the plug and play hardware. Just plug in the keyboard and you are good to go. No need to install drivers any longer.

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Webcam Driver

Need to video chat your clients or loved ones? A webcam is the right tool for you. They are ideal for online video conferencing and chatting. Before you can use a webcam, you need to install the drivers. Most webcams drivers will have to be installed manually via the CD ROM.  Modern webcams come with additional features such as recorders, motion detectors, and the ability to zoom in or zoom out.

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Printer Driver and Scanner Driver 

Printers and scanners are output devices. Connecting any of these devices to the computer demands that you first install the appropriate drivers. Each external hardware device comes with a CD containing all the necessary data and information. You will have to install these drivers for each of them before printing or scanning files.

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How to Fix a Dysfunctional Driver?

There comes a time when a driver starts to malfunction. In this case, the driver is likely outdated, hence it is due for an upgrade. This means you may have to upgrade the driver to the latest version. Over time, manufacturers make improvements to drivers just as a software developer does. So keeping those drivers up to date is essential.

An updated driver will function optimally and fix a variety of computer errors. For instance, if your scanner fails to scan properly, updating the driver can fix the errors. Upgrading a device software can be done over the internet by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

Keep in mind that a device driver that requires an update will be downloaded on your system just like every other software program on your computer. Most of these downloadable device drivers come in .exe version. Once the download is complete, updating will have to be done manually. Click on the downloaded executable file and follow the onscreen instruction to begin with the installation process. This process only runs for a short time and the installation will be complete. After successfully installing the driver, you are required to restart the system so that the newly updated driver can communicate effectively with the hardware device.

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