Top Countries for Software Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is currently at un upward trend. As more and more organizations continue to outsource many aspects of their business, national borders have begun to prove no hinderance. This is especially proven in the case of software outsourcing.

When an idea pops up, there is the need to begin work on it immediately and launch it in the market, before a competitor does the same. However, due to lack of Information Technology (IT) professionals, in-house setup of research and development, and some area/real estate designated to carrying out the project – the idea goes in vain. With software outsourcing, this need not be. An idea can simply be handed over to capable professionals located elsewhere who can immediately start up work. Cost-effective, less time-consuming, and highly profitable? It is no surprise why software outsourcing continues to be on the rise.

If you are in search of a country with exceptional professionals to take up your business work, here are some of the top countries for software outsourcing: 


  • India might not have an always good track record, but it is certainly the first name to pop in our minds when we consider countries for software outsourcing. Firstly, the urban population in India is well-versed in IT, as well as the English language, and thus is able to absorb and interpret given guidelines well. Furthermore, emphasis on science and mathematics is immense in India, producing as many as 2.6 million STEM graduates a year, who are willing to charge as low as $10-$15 per hour. This, as compared to the average $60 per hour rate of IT professionals of the United States, has made India a primary spot for inexpensive yet quality software outsourcing.


  • As we enter a time when almost everything depicts ‘Made in China’, how could China stay far behind in the world of IT? Producing as many as 4.7 million STEM graduates in a single year, China has proven its worth in the fields of science and mathematics. While a few of the most rapidly growing IT firms are based in China, it is also true that China has a language barrier, and thus may not be as linguistically accessible as India. A small proportion of the very large population converse in English, thus it may become difficult to maintain communication. However, rest assured for once the work is understood, the Chinese are proficient in programming, Python, Shell, etc. 

The Philippines 

  • A current ‘hot’ spot for outsourcing, a large proportion of the population in Philippines has had some experience of working with a foreign company. With a specially designed STEM system of schooling, and other educational reforms on the way, the country continues to produce more than 112 IT graduates per year. Whether you wish for a project in Java, or are searching for an individual well-versed in .net, the Philippines provides all. Good quality work combined with the low value of the local currency has also meant that the exchange rate proves fruitful for the outsourcing company, thus making the endeavor a profitable one.


  • As one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union, Romania is another country to have understood the importance of tech, and thus provided an effective system of tuition-free tech education to its citizens. Ranking 10th globally on the number of certified IT specialists, KPMG has labelled Romania as one of the top 31 prime locations in the world for IT-BPO. Furthermore, around 90% of the developer community of Romania is well-versed in English, along with possessing knowledge of various other languages like German and Russian. This has resulted in a reduced language barrier. 


  • Another country on the forefront of software outsourcing, Ukraine has a successful tech industry. Producing highly competent individuals in the field of development every year, the country has one of the highest numbers of C++ programmers in the world. With some current top projects in fields like security and distributed systems, mathematics, and more, another reason for the success of Ukrainian professionals is the partially overlapping time zones with U.S. and U.K. firms – making the process of outsourcing much easier!