Top 7 Industries that Outsource the Most

“A single employee can handle multiple tasks for you”,it is no longer a case anymore. With changing trends in almost every industry these days, it has become nearly impossible for the companies to allocate multiple specialized tasks to one employee. Therefore, to decrease the cost and reduce the burden of in-house staff, outsourcing comes handy.

Outsourcing has been around since 1989, but companies started to pay more attention to it over the past three decades. Though the outsourcing doesn’t apply in every industry, here are some of the industries taking outsourcing seriously since last many years:

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Software and Hi-Tech

The information technology industry is here to rule, and it’s not going anywhere, not even in the next many years. What we are going to experience is AI taking control over everything. IT services are required by almost every company these days for smaller to significant tasks such as website design and development, mobile apps, customization of software, and more. Many companies with online programs are outsourcing all of their services to a third party and producing effective outcomes at lower costs.

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Entertainment, Media and Publishing

This industry is the hottest trend this year. With digital marketing becoming the primary need of every business, it has become hard to hunt the right talent that could generate organic leads. Though you can hire someone in-house for your digital marketing task, whether it’s for entertainment, media, or publishing industry, it’s best to outsource this department for smooth functioning. Other common outsourced services in this industry include PR managers, event managers, journalists, and brand ambassadors.

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Banking and Financial Services

You always have an option to hire specialized personnel to take care of your banking and financial needs. However, nowadays, it is becoming increasingly popular for companies to outsource some parts of their companies’ activities such as bookkeeping and audit. A significant benefit of outsourcing bookkeeping is that; not only will it be cheaper, but you’ll also have the advice of experts who will make sure there is 100% accuracy in your accounts.

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There is no doubt that the healthcare industry has been relying on outsourcing for a long time. Especially the manufacturing of medicines so that they could become affordable to consumers worldwide. On the other hand, the trend towards outsourcing healthcare software, coding, medical transcription, and medical billing has increased in recent years. The demand for hiring specialized healthcare people has significantly increased. Therefore, where outsourcing this department seems like a great option, one must also ensure that the outsourced team is trustworthy, credible, and has a proven track record.

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E-commerce is on the rise these days. Businesses are outsourcing their entire processes across the world. From customer service representatives to paid campaign managers, e-commerce businesses can garner the attention of a larger audience and generating more traffic for their websites through outsourcing. Some of the most popular e-commerce outsources jobs include product sourcing, social media marketing, bookkeeping, graphic designing, and digital marketing.

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Recruitment can be a tedious process for many organizations. With increasing global competition, it has become challenging to hire the right candidate with specialized skills. Many big companies these days are outsourcing their recruitment process to agencies as well as recruitment specialists across the world. LinkedIn is one of the most used and famous platforms that is widely used to recruit experts in a particular field. With outsourced recruitment process, companies are also able to reduce the cost of advertisement and screening process and avoid the job scammers.

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The manufacturing industry is last but not the least that is outsourcing an entire product or some parts of it to a third party. Many clothing companies in developed countries such as Australia are outsourcing their clothes manufacturing to developing countries such as India to reduce the costs. This process of outsourcing the production doesn’t only cut the production cost but also the cost of hiring labor.

If you are working for one of the above industries and haven’t outsourced yet, do it now. Many countries across the world provide a talented pool of companies and individuals to outsource, such as India. India is a pioneer when it comes to hiring companies for Information technology services and software development.

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