Tips on How to Release Disc Space

Several years back, hard drive storage capacities were limited. Thanks to technological advancement, hard drive storage capacities have seen significant improvement and are now spacious enough to store lots of data and files. Today, you can see harddisc drive with massive storage space. Despite that, you may still need to clear up unused files just to release disc space. This is because users need space to store files and data. This is often the case if you use your PC regularly.

Here are some useful tips on how to solve your hard drive problems.

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Disc Cleanup

Windows operating system comes with pre-installed software. One such software is the disc cleanup. This tool comes in handy when you want to get rid of less relevant data and temporary files. To do this, right-click on hard drive and scroll down to properties. On the next pop up box, choose disc cleanup and it will display a list of unimportant data. Check the boxes of files you don’t need and delete them. Items in your recycle bin, log files,and temporary files are irrelevant, so get rid of them. Once done, go back to the drive which you have cleaned and refresh. Now, you have a brand new computer.

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Delete Applications

Some applications stay idle for months, yet take up a lot of space. Installing these applications helps free up space. However, some programs are designed to take up little space, hence deleting these programs won’t make any difference. If you really need more disc space, you should aim for large programs that take up a lot of space. Here’s how to do this. On the Control Panel options, click on Programs and Features and then choose Uninstall a Program. When prompted click on applications you no longer need or use.

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Delete Unnecessary Files

Your computer stores unnecessary files each time you surf the net. All these files pile up and take up disc space. This may include browser cache, duplicate files, unused files and programs and many more. Apart from reducing storage capacity, these unused files reduce system performance and speed. Check for unnecessary files on your computer and delete them.

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Take Advantage of the Cloud Storage Service

Nowadays, businesses and individuals hardly store data and information on their computers. Cloud services are considered safe and reliable. Users can access data and information anywhere in the world. apart from that, it keeps data safe from unauthorized personnel. Loss of data is also minimal. Storing data and information in the cloud frees up disc space on your computer for other important data.

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External Storage Device

Alternatively, you go with any of the external storage options available. This way, you can transfer large-sized files into the external storage device to speed up computer performance.

Perhaps, you’re considering buying a new computer because it’s running slowly. You don’t need to do that. One way to resolve this issue is by cleaning up storage. Low storage space can make your computer run slowly. Boost system speed and performance by getting rid of data you no longer need.

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