Make Your Computer Run Faster with Windows Cleanup Solutions

Does your computer seem running slowly? When was the last time you performed a Windows disk cleanup? As a best practice, it is advisable that you perform a windows disk cleanup at least once in a month. Windows cleanup solutions leave your Recycle Bin empty, get rid of temporary files, and delete unwanted programs and files from the computer. Freeing up space in the hard drive makes your computer run a lot faster. Once done, expect to see a significant difference in performance level. 

There are several ways to perform Windows cleanup solutions. Check out the most recommended ways below.

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1. Upgrade Hard Drive

One of the best ways to allocate more storage space to your computer is by upgrading the old hard drive to a larger one. Good news is that you can transfer data from the old hard drive to the newly upgraded one. So you have nothing to worry about your precious data so long as it’s transferred correctly.

If you do have the budget to upgrade your old hard drive then you might want to consider the following options.

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2. Delete Files in Recycle Bin

Most of the files you delete from the computer are usually transferred to the Recycle Bin. Hence it is important that you empty Recycle Bin periodically. Files in the Recycle Bin usually take up additional space on the hard drive. So cleaning the Recycle Bin is a highly recommended Windows cleanup solution.

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3. Storage Sense

If you don’t want to manually delete files in the Recycle Bin, your computer can do it automatically, thanks to the Storage Sense feature. This feature is designed to delete temporary files as well as files in the Recycle Bin that has stayed for a specific period of time.

Also, it ensures the deletion of files in the download folder that had stayed idle for more than 30 days. If your computer is running on low space, just turn on the Storage Sense feature.

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4. Uninstall Irrelevant Apps

It is OK to download all the applications that you find interesting but doing so takes up space on your computer. While some apps are frequently used, users access others once in a blue moon. An effective Windows cleanup solution is to uninstall apps that you don’t use regularly. A typical example is uninstalling pre-installed programs and apps or the applications installed to resolve a rare problem. Such apps are not needed on your PC, so uninstalling them gives your computer a breathing space.

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5. Get an External Hard Drive

Need more storage space but can’t delete any of the files, programs, and apps on the computer? Your best bet in this case is purchasing an external hard drive.

Over time, you will eventually need more storage space. With a removable storage device, you don’t have to worry about limited storage space on your computer. Moreover, you can go with an external hard drive anywhere, allowing for flexibility. This removable device allows for easy transfer of files from one computer to another.

Also, you can choose it as the newly specified storage location, giving your computer more space for optimal performance.

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6. Disk Cleanup

This is another great way to remove irrelevant files including system restore, system files, and shadow copies, among others. Windows Disk Cleanup is a software package that cleans the hard drive thoroughly. It is a feature mostly used by advanced users. Using this feature can help free up memory space.

You can try any of the options listed above. They are highly effective Windows cleanup solutions.

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