How to Use VLC on PC

The first step is deciding what media you’d like to play and where to find it.  Once you’ve found and clicked on the media content, it will play automatically. However, for this to happen, you should make VLC your PC’s default media player. It comes with lots of amazing features and options including

  • Lock
  • Shuffle
  • Cast
  • Subtitles
  • Mini player
  • Audio options
    • Fullscreen

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VLC is extremely safe for all. It features all the necessary tools that will aid in accessing media content. The good thing is that it does not contain any form of malware, hence it is safe for download and installation. This media player has gained popularity, thanks in part to the fact that it is compatible with all media types. Equally impressive is the fact that it is free. So, if you are looking for the best media player that doesn’t cost a dime, look no further than VLC media player.

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VLC Media Player – An Indispensable Multimedia Player

With a large number of people turning to online streaming services like Netflix to stay updated with their favorite movies and TV series, a multimedia player remains a very important tool for every computer user.


Even if you don’t fancy watching media content on your computer, odds are you’ll definitely need a good media player that gives you easy access to any media related file or project. Whenever the need for a media player arises, the most recommended option is the VLC Media Player.

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This popular media player is free and compatible with the following platforms

  • Linu
  • macO
  • Windows
  • Windows Phone
  • Android iOS
  • Apple TV


With this application, you can view media content from different sources including CDs, DVDs, external drives, webcams, and many more.

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How to Download and Install VLC Media Player

VLC is easy to setup. While installing the app, it gives users the chance to select their most preferred language, review the license terms and agreement, and customize the download according to their preference. A successful installation comes with amazing features including playback support, web plugins, desktop shortcuts, just to name a few.


Follow these steps to download and install VLC

Step 1 Download the setup file via any reputable app store online

Step 2 Right click on the setup icon and select open.

Step 3 Click “Yes” on the dialog box that pops up to begin the full installation process

Step 4 Another dialog box pops up, click next to continue the installation

Step 5 A dialog box with license terms and agreement pops up, click next to continue the installation process

Step 6 Choose the features you’d like to download and install and then click next

Step 7 Choose your preferred storage location and click on install

Step 8 As soon as the installation completes, click on Finish

Remember to make this application the default media player. After installation, you can play any media file in different formats using the VLC Media Player.


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