How to Speedup Computer

Struggling with a slow computer? A slow computer can be frustrating. Whether it happens suddenly or gradually over time, trying to work with a slow computer can make even the simplest of tasks feel like a real hassle. No matter how diligent you are with the maintenance of your personal computer, it can be surprising how quickly your computer’s level of performance drops.

So what’s the solution?

You don’t have to waste money on buying a new laptop or trading in your computer. If you’re experiencing such issues, there are many ways to speed it up.

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Why Is My Computer Slow?

One of the primary roles of your operating systems is to manage the computer’s resources. There are lots of programs running on your computer simultaneously, and this may reduce the performance of your computer.  Other things that may slow down your computer include:

  • Low RAM space
    • Low hard disk drive space
    • Too many programs running simultaneously
    • Viruses, malware, and other threats
    • Outdated drivers or operating system
    • Fragmented hard drive

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Ways to Speed Up Computer Performance

If your computer is running slow, here are a few ways to fix system performance issues.

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1. Close Programs that Comes Up At Launch

Odds are you have too many programs starting up simultaneously as Windows itself. Most programs launch as soon as your system comes up and then stay running. Open these items and close any program you don’t need to boost system performance.

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2.  Update your Drivers, Apps and Operating System

One way to speed up computer performance is by updating your software. Not only does this boost system performance but it also enhances security. Windows send messages automatically when an update is available. Do not ignore these messages. Always make sure your drivers, apps and the operating system stay up to date.

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3. Get Rid of Files You Do Not Need

Free up space on your hard drive by deleting unnecessary files. Junk files can slow down your computer’s performance. This is especially true if you keep getting and storing these large-sized unnecessary files on a daily basis. After deleting the files, go to your recycle bin and empty it out. Hard disk drive usually performs optimally until they reach about 90% capacity. If you’ve used up over 90% space on your hard disk drive, it’s high time you deleted some files.

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4. Check for Malware

Malicious software can harm your computer. Malware access your computer through online downloads, email links, and even ads. In addition to damaging your computer, they can also reduce your computer’s performance level. The best solution is to install a good antivirus software program to protect your system against malware.

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5. Remove Idle Programs

Many times, you install programs that take up more than enough space on your system. Worst case, these programs serve little to no purpose in the system. If you are not using specific programs, uninstall them and free up space. Even if it’s a program you use every once in a while, but a huge in size, it might be worth simply reinstalling whenever the need arises.

Once you’ve implemented some of the tips above, your computer will receive a quick boost. In order to prevent this from happening, schedule a monthly cleanup.

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