How to install a driver on computer?

Drivers are one of the most important parts of a computer. For your computer to perform effectively, it is essential that you install the right drivers. However, it goes beyond the installation process but also involves carrying out a periodic update on your drivers when necessary. The primary reason why it is important to update the drivers on your pc regularly is not just to fix bug and compatibility issues but also enhance its performance level.

So what are the steps to installing drivers on PC?

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Automatic installation

Keep in mind that most items will install drivers automatically when plugged into your PC. These items include printers, mice, keyboards, webcams and so on. Once you plug any of the items to your computer, the drivers install automatically. For this type of device, manual installation is not required but the need to update your drivers manually may arise.

While some items can automatically install their own drivers, others many require connecting to the internet to do that. Connect the item to the appropriate port on your PC. Follow the prompts displayed on your screen. The installation process begins automatically but the setup will be incomplete if you fail to respond to the questionnaire or agreement that pops up on the screen of your computer.

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Manual Installation

If your item fails to install automatically, then you may have to do it manually using any of the following methods.

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If your item such as a printer has a driver CD packaged alongside, insert the CD into the disc drive of your computer. Follow on-screen instructions for a successful installation.  Double-check to see if the CD driver is specifically designed for your printer and not another model. More importantly, choose a CD Driver that is compatible with your operating system.

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USB Drive

Chances are the disc drive on your computer isn’t functioning. If this is the case, there are two options- you can either download the driver or copy the drivers onto a USB flash drive. Once it’s copied successfully, connect the USB flash drive to your computer and then open the USB drive on your computer. Click on the driver and start the installation process.

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The PC drivers of a device can be found on the manufacturer’s website or any other reputable tech website. After successfully downloading, double click the program icon to run them. If you’re downloading the program to install on a different device, you can copy the files via a USB flash drive and plug it into the other device.

It is, however, important to check how the drivers are packaged. Does the directory contain an executable file, setup file, .inf file or .zip file? Each driver package has its own unique ways of installation. For instance, if the directory contains a .zip file, then you need to uncompress the file before installing the driver.

In some cases, your computer will ask to reboot after the installation process is complete. Make sure you do so to ensure that the drivers are properly implemented.

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