How to Create and Edit PDFs in Microsoft Word


Your organization asked you to send a letter containing sensitive information by email. You completed the writing task in Microsoft Word, but there’s an underlying problem – how do you protect the content? That’s why you have the PDF (Portable Document Format). You can save your Word files as PDFs. Letters and messages sent in PDF format cannot be edited unless it is exported to Microsoft Word. In this case, the recipient receives the content as it is.


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Gone are the days when you need dedicated PDF editing software to edit a PDF file without altering its formatting. Today, it is easy to create and edit PDFs in Microsoft Word, at no extra cost. You can import a PDF into Word to make edits.

Recent versions of Microsoft Word (starting from its 2013 version) can conveniently open files in PDF format. That’s not all. It allows users to convert them into editable Word documents and resave them into PDF formats.



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How It Works

The first step is to import your PDF into Word. This makes it easy to edit and modify. No matter the PDF file, just right click and selectopen. And it will displayas a World file.

Alternatively, open Word 2013 or other latest version. Select File and click Open. Select the folder that contains the PDF file. Once you click on the file, a dialog box pops up informing you of the file conversion. Also, you’ll receive a warning that the formatting of the converted file may not be the same as the original. Click OK in the box. That’s it – you’ve converted the PDF file into an editable Word document.



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Modify the File

You can edit and modify the PDF document in Word. Add or remove unnecessary phrases, sentences, and paragraphs, delete and replace graphics, modify font size. The document reformats automatically as you modify.

Right-click on images to make simple edit using editable graphics options such as repositioning, cropping, attaching hyperlinks, formatting, resizing and even adding captions.



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Save or Export a Word Doc to PDF

Once done with the necessary modifications select “File” and click “Save As”. Click on the “Save as Type” dropdown list and choose PDF. Next, choose Optimize for Standard and do not leave the box for Open File for Publishing unchecked to open the file after saving. Afterward, click Save.


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Here’s another method

Select Fileand click on Export. Click Create PDF/XPS Document and choose the button with the same name. Follow the same process as mentioned above. Choose Optimize for Standard and do not leave the box for Open File for Publishing unchecked to open file after saving. Click on Publish and your new PDF document is ready to be assessed.

With all the latest Word versions, you can create and edit PDF files, then send it back to Acrobat for printing. This is a great money saver for small businesses that lack the financial capacity to purchase PDF editing software. A hassle-free way to modify your PDF files.

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