Easy Ways to Fix Computer Crashes

Computer crashes occur when your PC stops working or restarts without your permission. If your computer freezes often, then it needs to be looked into. This means something has gone wrong. Computer crashes happen for many reasons ranging from hardware to software errors.  Fixing a computer crash is easy only if you can identify the root cause of the problem. Most people, when faced with a computer crash, don’t even know where to start not to mention how to fix the problem.

Check out these tips to help you get your computer running like a new one.

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Registry Files Issue

Corrupt or missing registry files can make a system to crash. The files in your registry store instructions for every program and application in your system. If the files eventually get corrupt or inaccessible, it slows down system performance. Failure to resolve the issue on time may cause the system to crash. Cleaning and fixing registry files is the responsibility of a professional.

And if you must fix the registry yourself, be sure to use the best registry cleaner with state of the art features. Once successfully installed, run a free scan on your computer to detect the problem. The internet is home to countless number of registry cleaners. However, it pays to go with premium products for peace of mind. A registry cleaner will automatically detect errors and fix them to boost system speed.

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Faulty Applications

Computercrash can be caused by a faulty system application. If your computer crashed just after you installed a particular system application, then you have your answer. Find the app and get rid of it immediately. In some cases, the system might not boot properly while in normal mode. If this happens, try it in safe mode. After uninstalling the new program, your PC will start functioning optimally.

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Virus Infection

Virus and malware attack will stall your computer’s performance level. If not resolved quickly, it may cause your computer to crash. Install a strong anti-virus software package to scan and get rid of these unwanted agents on your computer.  Whether or not your computer is infected with a virus, install a reliable anti-virus software package.

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Hard Drive Malfunction

Another major cause of a computer crash is hard drive malfunction. If the hard drive is old or bad then you may need to replace it. Alternatively, you can download some diagnostic tools specially designed to scan and fix any hard drive issues. But if the damage is beyond repair, then you may have to replace it with a new one.

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Delete System Files Accidentally

Some files and programs are the backbone of the operating system. Deleting such relevant files can lead to asystem crash. To fix this problem, you may have to reinstall a compatible version of the file on the system. This will fix the problem immediately.

You can stop computer crashes by trying any of the methods mentioned above. Computer crashis a norm and doesnot necessarily mean you should replace your system. Some of these problems can be fixed once the root cause has been detected.

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