Different Types of Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing is not something that came into the business just now. However, the trend towards outsourcing has become increasingly popular with the advancement of technology. You must have heard the success stories of how outsourcing help many companies decrease their cost while increasing productivity. Especially if you are running a start-up, it’s best to outsource services in the first few years when the resources and budget are scarce.

If you want to outsource jobs, you need to know about the types of outsourcing first. Understanding the outsourcing and its types will help you choose which kind would best suit your business and serve the purpose.

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Types of Outsourcing Services

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Professional Outsourcing

When running any company, there comes a time when your in-house employees cannot accomplish a particular task. Especially if you are a legal or an accounting firm. There may be many factors behind this, such as lack of training, increased costs, time-consuming, and more. You might need to outsource a purchasing manager, legal advisor, or a virtual administrator. These kinds of jobs require expertise and sometimes cannot be done in-house. Therefore, under such circumstances, it’s best to outsource the service, whole or a part of it.

Let’s take an example of a non-profit organization that collects donations to solve a particular issue in the community. They may outsource their audit to a well-known company that will not only save their time but also increases their credibility in terms of donations.

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IT Outsourcing

If you meet any IT professional, you’ll get to know how they are working remotely and earning as much as full-time job holders. Due to the advancement in technology, in recent years, companies have paid more attention to hiring IT professionals who could work remotely for them. There are many famous companies such as Facebook, Google, Skype, among many others, who have outsourced the majority of their IT development tasks. Their remote employees can be found all over the world. Additionally, in today’s world, every company, whether it’s a start-up or a successful brand, needs IT services at a particular stage.

If you are developing a new app for your business, finding the right developer to work in the office can be hard. But, you’ll get plenty of professionals willing to provide services remotely. Upwork is indeed one of the best platforms to outsource an IT professional for any related service.

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Project Outsourcing

When your company is managing several projects at once, producing productive outcomes can be hard. It can make employees tedious, resulting in low productivity. When a company’s operations are being disturbed due to workload and time management, it’s best to outsource services. A part of a project or a whole project can be assigned to an external service provider. Outsourcing your project is not only cost-effective, but it’ll also reduce the in-house workload. By giving the project to an outside company or individual, the company can focus on other projects.

If you run an e-commerce store that needs constant advertising on Facebook, the company may need to outsource a person for paid campaigns that could generate leads. Fiverr and Upwork are two of the best freelance platform to find such talent.

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Manufacturing Outsourcing

Does your company sell clothes in Australia but manufacturing is much cheaper in India? Well, you do have a choice to outsource manufacturing. Yes, it would add custom cost, but the overall cost and headache would be much less than manufacturing on-site. Outsourcing a manufacturing company to produce your clothing line at a lower price is an ideal choice if you want to reduce overall cost.

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