Difference between Software And Driver


What Is The Difference between Software And Driver

The major difference between software and Driver is the purpose for which they are built. Moreover, it doesn’t matter the type of operating system running on your computer so long as its working as expected. To avoid disappointments, you need to install quite a number of things on the computer to make it run smoothly. These ‘things’ are otherwise known as drivers and software. They are the soul of not just the operating system but the entire computer itself. Failing to install the right software or driver will limit the functionality of your computer’s operating system. But what’s the difference between a software and driver?



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Software can be seen or felt. The term software was coined by Alan Turing, a British computer science pioneer. The operating system currently installed on your computer or mobile device is a software package but in this case, it provides a platform on which other platforms installed on the computer works. The system software manages the operation of the computers. It is, however, important to know that malware is also a software package that includes worn, virus and Trojan.


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The term ‘software’ is a broad topic that needs to be extensively discussed. But in this case, we are referring to application software which covers category such as anti-virus, web browser, word processor and video editing software. These software products are designed to make specific applications on the computer deliver outstandingly.

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It possible that you have the latest version of an operating system running on your computer already. Of course, you will love with the colorful interface and its visual appeal but without the right driver, the operating system is useless. This is because the driver is unavailable to help run the errands. While both drivers and software have their own unique functions, they are an essential part of the computer that needs to be given utmost attention.



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What’s the primary function of a driver? He takes a car, motorcycle or truck to its predetermined destination. The same can be said of the device driver installed on the computer. Its primary responsibility is to drive the hardware it’s designed for. Basically, it serves as a middleman between the hardware and the operating system.

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An operating system doesn’t work independently, hence it needs support from the driver to function optimally. A good example is the graphics card. Many brands have their own uniquely designed graphics cards with diverse features. It’s impossible for the operating system to work with these products without the right drivers. Every driver on the computer is designed to work for specific devices. On your computer, the driver communicates with the device via the bus interfaces.



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Keep in mind that every driver is not designed to interact with the user. Many work anonymously at a lower level without notifying the user. Drivers play a key role because they interact directly with the computer’s hardware. If the driver malfunctions, it will definitely affect the hardware. In worst cases, the system may crash which can be costly. For this reason, it is recommended that you use the services of qualified personnel to write the driver software.

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