Outsourcing is the latest hot trend that is benefiting many companies in several ways for the last many years. In 2019, millions of companies across the world saved a huge sum of money due to outsourcing. Outsourcing IT services in specific has become a huge thing now. The IT market is increasingly growing with each year, making companies adept to the latest technologies to meet the demands of the market. According to research conducted in 2019, about 55% of companies outsourced their software development, and this practice is going to increase in the coming future.

If you are considering to outsource your services, see below some of the successful examples of companies who are earning millions in profit with outsourcing:

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Started in 2013, today, the company has over 10 million users across the world. And this has not happened only due to the efforts of an internal team but also the outsourced designing team. As per sources, due to the revamping of the app, its logo and website through a third party, the company raised over $200 million round of investment.

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When talking about successful outsourcing projects, we cannot just ignore this consumer goods giant. In 2005, the company outsourced its development team. During that year, Unilever has over 200,000 employees working from them worldwide. When the need for merging ERPs encountered, the company outsourced its necessary talent. Today, the Unilever earns a net income of around €9.8 billion.

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This Chinese e-commerce giant outsourced majority of its skills to third parties in North America. The company outsourced its developers to the United States. Now, the companies in North America have been handling many of the services of Alibaba. According to some sources, Alibaba made about $55 billion in revenue in 2019 due to outsourcing.

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Appsumo is the number one site for the entrepreneurs to make money online. The company is valued at around USD 2 million. Appsumo is widely known for outsourcing its services such as information technology, content marketing and social media. One of the known fact about Appsumo is its PayPal pay button that was built by an external IT company.

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When WhatsApp was developed, nobody would have expected it to become a huge success in such a short period. Launched in 2011, WhatsApp didn’t have any funding seed, but due to its quick success, the company’s management hired developers based in other countries such as Russia and Eastern Europe. A few years ago, Facebook acquired the WhatsApp for USD 19 billion.

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Opera has become a successful web browser that was built as a result of a research carried out by Telenor, the famous Norwegian telecom company. As the company already had failed experiences with many startups, they didn’t take the risk with Opera by investing much into it. Instead, they outsourced most of its part to the third parties based in over 20 locations across the world.

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Everybody knows GitHub as the most popular software development program. It was started in 2008, and due to lack of finances, the company preferred to outsource its services to save the money. Today, with over 600 employees working across the world, GitHub proved to be a great example of how outsourcing can do wonders for your company.

These are not only the only companies which have been taking advantage of outsourcing for many years. Today, many startups put great emphasis on outsourcing their services, mainly due to lack of funds. Medium and large scale companies also outsource their part of services or whole projects for better results.

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