Before You Buy: Choosing the Right Desktop Software

Now that you own a computer, it’s time to brainstorm on the software that will let you maximize its use. This in turn will tell you the kind of hardware you probably need.  If you are new to the world of Desktop computers, what you probably need is a basic desktop setup. Primarily, you’d like to connect to the internet. Also, you need to use basic Office suite of applications that enhances user-friendliness.

Your choice of desktop software must align with hardware requirements. For example, if the software needs 256MB of RAM, only go for a desktop computer that has at least that much RAM. Are you purchasing a software system that requires special graphics power? Get the full software requirement.

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Types of Desktop Software

There are many software packages that the computer system requires other than the operating system. If you perform a huge chunk of your tasks using the computer, you’ll most likely need to get different kinds of computer software. These software products are designed to help personalize your computer’s use. Some of the different software categories include:

Applications: Application software is used for creativity. These applications are programmed to perform specific tasks. Users can’t perform any other tasks not related to what the application software is designed for. For instance, a graphics design application software can’t play MP3 or MP4 files.

Programs: A computer program does the same function as software, but in this case, it includes software that may or may not be used to create things, like a video game.

Drivers: The roles of drivers cannot be overemphasized. Without it, specific hardware devices will malfunction. For instance, your operating system will require a video driver program so you can effortlessly use graphics hardware. The good thing is that this special type of program comes with the supporting hardware.

Tools: Are you having issues with your operating system? Tools or utilities come to the rescue. These programs are designed to improve the performance of your computer.

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Factors to Consider before Choosing Desktop Software

In your quest to find the right software that suits your specific needs, you may be confused as to choosing between desktop or web-based software programs. Remember, every individual computer user has his or her own unique needs when it comes to choosing the right software for business. Your choice of software will be based on several criteria including needs, goals, and location.

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A computer will be useless without the right software to perform a specific task. The right desktop-based program enhances the users’ experience. So what happens if multiple users need access to the same application? In this case, you may have to implement a network with the database installed on a local server. For other users to access the database, they will have to install a thin client on their computer. This is otherwise known as remote access. 

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Maintenance and Upgrade

Desktop software maintenance is easy and convenient. Note that, you will need periodic maintenance to keep the software and other programs at optimal performance. If you upgrade your operating system, your applications and software will most likely require an update as well, due to compatibility issues.

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In terms of security, desktop-based applications fare better. You will enjoy maximum security compared to a web-based application. For instance, a web application that deals with protecting sensitive business information like data or finance still need the extra security of desktop software.

If you need extra security and can’t afford any downtime, then desktop software comes in hand. Regardless of your individual or business needs, there is a desktop software for you.

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