7 best software products of ZoneAlarm to protect PC and Mobile

Since 1997, ZoneAlarm has been the world’s leading solution to protect millions of PC users from all sorts of cyberattacks such as malware, ransomware, phishing, and identity theft. They offer enterprise-grade protection to home PC users through award-winning products.

ZoneAlarm is the consumer brand of Check Point Software Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: CHKP). With nearly 100 million downloads, it protects PCs from viruses, spyware, hackers and identity theft. The award-winning Internet security product line is installed in consumer and small business PCs and mobile phones worldwide, protecting them from cyber threats.

Millions of people worldwide trust ZoneAlarm to protect their PCs and mobile devices with powerful antivirus software, firewall and additional virus protection solutions. Their internet security tools are designed with people’s cyber safety in mind, providing virus protection that encompasses spyware, malware, hackers, botnets, phishing websites, and other cyberattacks.

7 best software products of ZoneAlarm  

1. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

  • Powerful antivirus prevents malicious threats & attacks
  • Legendary firewall safeguards your identity & online privacy
  • Award-winning ransomware prevention
  • Real-time phishing protection for online shopping & banking

2. ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall

  • NEW Anti-Phishing Chrome Extension- Secure your online privacy
  • Antivirus software protects against malicious threats & attacks
  • Powerful firewall safeguards your identity and online privacy
  • Two-way firewall blocks intruders and safeguards your data

3. ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall

  • Proactively protects against inbound and outbound cyber attacks
  • Monitors for suspicious behaviors on your PC
  • Shields your operating system even during start-up

4. ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware

  • Simple to use, compatible with all antiviruses
  • Restores your encrypted files automatically
  • Real-time phishing protection for online shopping & banking

5. ZoneAlarm Mobile Security

  • Secure your mobile life anytime, anywhere.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi worry-free
  • Protect your privacy and data from hackers
  • Shield your device from hostile takeovers

6. ZoneAlarm Web Secure Free Chrome Extension

ZoneAlarm Web Secure Free is an advanced Chrome extension that provides you with essential browsing security tools to keep you safe from various threats while you search and browse the web.

7. Small Business Security

ZoneAlarm for Business offers comprehensive, advanced, and flexible solutions for unmanaged businesses such as small businesses, Telco’s, government municipalities, and other businesses with little to no IT resources. With its easy deployment and maintenance, ZoneAlarm for Business offers you Check Point’s vigorous multi-platform protection and support, made simple.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What security features does ZoneAlarm Extreme Security offer?

Protects your device from malware, malicious apps and unsafe networks. Keeps you safe from phishing attacks in real-time, across all apps: email, messaging, and social.

Will ZoneAlarm Extreme Security optimize gaming experience?

Optimizes the performance of your online gaming programs, giving you the option to temporarily suspend security alerts, virus definition updates, and automatic scans.

How will ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall ensure Real time protection?

Provides access to the up-to-date database of Antivirus signatures to protect against newly emerging threats. Real-Time Cloud Database contains up-to-date reputation of files, web resources and software enhancing traditional Antivirus + Firewall protection.

How will ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall provide two-way security?

Makes your PC invisible to hackers and stops spyware from sending your data out to the Internet.

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