The Affiliation Software assists in creating an affiliate network. Deals and information

From small businesses to large ones, startups to established brands, affiliate marketing is the future, and the Affiliation Software makes the future accessible with a simple dashboard and real-time sales tracking.

The software is for everyone – entrepreneurs, marketing agencies, and affiliate marketers – to grow their enterprise.

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Get Free 30 Days Trial

Get Free 30 Days Trial
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Create Your Own Network In Mere Minutes

The Affiliation Software assists in creating an affiliate network.

Partner with affiliates that display your advertising campaigns on their site and gain a ping! through the software in real-time as soon as a visitor clicks the advert and/or makes a sale.

The software keeps track of your affiliates, no matter their location or quantity, and calculates statistics that continue to evolve with every day and click, helping businesses make better, informed decisions.

Allowing data and traffic tracking, the Affiliation Software is a one-stop solution for anyone hoping to create a well-spread affiliate network while managing commission payment simultaneously, seamlessly.

How Does It Work?

The Affiliation Software is, thankfully, not like most software that require somewhat technical knowledge. Instead, the interface is considerably simple and follows 3 core steps to allow an easy set up.

These are as follows:

  1. Create

For those just starting out on the affiliation front, they must create advertising campaigns, assign advert type (banner, etc.), decide on a commission rate, and give the software the go-ahead for affiliation.  

All of your affiliates are listed with their specifics on your dashboard, giving you an easy glance of the progress of your affiliates without having to open each of them separately – that takes hours!

  1. Spread

Once your advertising campaigns are ready, it is time to look for affiliates ready to promote them on their sites. These are usually easy to come by and can be found by specifying your commission/budget.

  1. Track

The Affiliation Software shines in its tracking ability. Each transaction is listed with its type (sale, etc.), tier, order ID, commission, and status.

The interface gives you a one-snapshot view of everything you need to track your affiliate campaigns in real time.

Customize Your Dashboard

The makers of the Affiliation Software realize the need for businesses to instill their brand identity in every tech used and therefore gains and edge over the competition with its unique feature of customization.

Users can set up their own sub-domain, personalize colors, pages, designs, emails – in short, everything.

Add your own touch to your dashboard and stand out.

Grow Your Sales Network By 10 Levels

The software takes “levelling up” to a whole different level.

Instead of simply serving as an interface and tracking device of immediate affiliates, it allows existing affiliates to recruit sub-affiliates and sub-sub-affiliates up to 10 levels! Called Multilevel Marketing (MLM), this helps you grow your sales network exponentially!

More affiliates – greater sales possibility!

Affordable For All

While affiliate marketing is mostly used by large businesses, this software aims to make it accessible and affordable for enterprises of all sizes.

For this purpose, it offers 3 distinct plans beginning from €79.95/month and above. If you choose quarterly, semester-wise, or yearly plans, you can even get a discount.

In addition, one can custom-build their network plan as per requirements.

Your One-Stop Solution For Affiliate Marketing

If you are planning to enter the world of affiliate marketing, Affiliation Software gives you easy to control, simple to use, and affordable access to real-time tracking and management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use the Affiliation Software?

Anybody who has use for affiliation marketing. It can be entrepreneurs, marketing agencies, or affiliate marketers.

Will the software be compatible with my website?

Affiliation Software is compatible with 99% websites. However, in case you don’t find your system listed on the website, reach out to their customer service. It responds promptly.

What is the costing of the software?

It depends. The Affiliation Software is available in 3 types of packages, including one truly customized by you, and can be bought monthly, semester-wise, quarterly, or yearly for the best rates. Contact the customer representative to finalize a package within your budget.

Is there any traffic capacity?

No. The software is designed for traffic peaks and can tolerate even 10 million ad requests a day!

Is the software updated for free?

Yes. The software is frequently updated and those who have purchased it will receive timely updates for free as they seamlessly install in your affiliate network.