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A behemoth in the marketing industry, Adspot allows you to take control of your ads, create brand awareness, generate leads, and establish results – all with a turnkey advertising solution.

Offering targeted campaign curation, optimized adverts, and real-time response tracking – marketing has been made seamless with Adspot.

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Managing Ads Has Never Seemed Easier

One of the 4Ps of marketing is “Promotion”. This means, if you don’t advertise your product well, it probably won’t sell.

However, simply putting up Instagram or Facebook adverts is also not enough. While social media has gained a massive share of digital marketing, there is an entire world of opportunities waiting to be explored. Yet placing ads on other websites and apps is a little more difficult.

Or so it was presumed.

Adspot has redefined what it means to market your product effectively by providing a plethora of methods to market your product. Purchase banner ads on premium websites and applications. By hosting an ad on the right space, you are one step closer to your end consumer, and hence, to your profits!

Adspot Thrives On Self Service

Following a distinct format, Adspot is not one of the agencies that take over your advertising needs and make decisions as they see fit. Instead, Adspot hands over the reins of effective advertising to its consumers by enabling self-service.

You can manage and modify your ads by yourself using their automated advertising platform. Add, delete, or archive an ad, decide its duration, and determine its run. Adspot gives the control of ad placement and runtime in your hands, meaning quicker and better decision making!

Create A Targeted Campaign

Advertising at Adspot doesn’t refer to a mere display of ads. There runs an entire science behind the act of advertising, and this includes:

  • Placement
  • Visuals
  • Duration
  • Traffic

Adspot makes sure that your adverts are promoted at the right space and to a targeted audience, ensuring the best bang for your buck. The campaign is customized targeted through operating systems and generates transparent traffic.

The brand-safe traffic comes from original full paths of websites and the impressions created are fraud-free, viewable, and high-quality.

Optimize Your Adverts

If your ad is not generating traffic, covering costs, or generating a good return-on-investment (ROI), does it have much use at all?

Adspot acknowledges the importance of creating profitable adverts, and therefore allows A/B testing for its ads. Upload multiple banners and optimize your advertising campaign to generate meaningful results and a high ROI.

Get Real-Time Response On Your Ad

One of the prime components that can make or break any advertising campaign is the time interval between ad placement and response. You want to be able to change your advert or go a different way in case the ad’s feedback is vastly different from your expectations. Or if not modify it, be aware of what went wrong or right.

With Adspot, ad feedback is ensured. Once you place a banner, you attain results in real-time in the form of statistics of clicks, impressions, click-through rates, etc.

Begin Your Advertising Journey ® Follow The Steps

Considering Adspot has a multitude of benefits to offer, one would assume that the platform would be difficult to maneuver. However, this could not be further from reality.

The way to beginning your advertising journey on Adspot is by following 3 simple steps:

  1. Find an Ad Spot: Explore the Adspot marketplace for the best avenue of ad placement.
  2. Create a Campaign: Upload your banner, add a link, and you are almost done.  
  3. Begin Advertising: Once everything is set, you need only start the show, and your advert will be live!  

Select your category, device of advert, and duration – and the rest works like magic.

Create Results With Minimal Risk

Of course, having always used a contemporary way of advertising, beginning the journey through Adspot can seem difficult. This is why the site offers 2-day 100% money-back guarantee, to rid your mind of financial concerns.

Embark on a new advertising journey.

Like what you see? Continue it or wrap it up in 2 days with no loss – it really is as easy as this.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the viewer or website blocks my ad?

Adspot has an anti ad-blocker technology which ensures that your ad is always displayed, and therefore reaches you target audience.  

What is the pricing strategy of Adspot?

Adspot follows fixed CPM pricing. This means fixed rates on adverts running from 5 up to 30 days.

Can we customize the device to display the advert?

Yes! Adspot allows choice of device between phone, tablet, and desktop.

How can I find the right ad spot for my ad placement?
Choose your category. From Art & Design to Food & Drink (etc.), there are many to choose from. One you’ve made your choice, Adspot customizes ad spots for you to pick between for the best ROI.

Can I trust Adspot for my advertising?

For sure! The Adspot marketplace includes 1746 websites, 291 android apps, 92 ioS apps, and 4338 ad spots to advertise. This means you have a pool of options and a legacy of success to support your ad.