Ljiljana Radanov

Ljiljana Radanov

LjiljanaRadanov has been a traveller for a long time. Then she decided to share her passion for travelling and her experience with other travelers and she began writing about travel and tourism.


Ljiljana has been writing travel articles since 2018 when she started working as a freelancer. She stopped using travelling agencies’ services long ago and started making travel arrangements for herself, her friends and relatives. That’s how she gained a huge experience. Today, you can read her articles on different websites. These are not just descriptions of famous sights or travel guides. They are also reflections on travelling in general, articles on different types of holidays and tourism analyses.


Ljiljana holds an MA in Linguistics and English studies, which provides her with outstanding writing and research skill. She has had her stories, articles and scientific papers published on websites and conference proceedings. Though informal, her travel writing experience is a result of many years of practice. She is an expert in finding cheap flights and best fares, affordable or luxury accommodation, good places to eat, mainstream sights as well as the peculiarities, and creatinginteresting sightseeing tours.

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