Denis  Oakley

Denis Oakley

Denis Oakley is an experienced innovation and strategy consultant. He has a decade of experience in engineering consultancy and ten years experience in innovation and management consultancy. He has improved innovation and entrepreneurship in many sectors including oil and gas, technology, education, food and beverage and manufacturing. He has worked for multiple venture backed startups and is currently a mentor to 500 Startups portfolio companies. 500 Startups is one of the world leading VC firms. Denis's focus is on helping companies develop their business and operational strategies to take advantage of new technologies and trends to increase their rate of growth. Denis is also active as a small business turnaround specialist. He is originally from the UK but has lived in Malaysia for 11 years, doesn't like durians but loves running in the jungle.


He has work experience in these companie: Mott MacDonald, E.On, Invensys, Oakley Steel, 500 Startups, Magic.


He obtained his MBA from Warwick Business School. He also has a bachelor's degree in Philosophy for the University of Bristol and studied for an MSc in Rail Systems Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

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