PDF Software

From a student to a project manager, an intern to a CEO, there is one form of document that continues to grace computer screens at least once a day – the mighty PDF. 

Viewing a document in the form of a PDF gives way to easier skimming through, annotation and highlights if needed, and tons of other ideas. However, that is only true if you have the rights and access to make edits. 

For most of us, PDFs are only a way to view a file without being able to make many changes. With the help of software available at BPO RIVER, you can make any and all changes that you wish and more too!

You can:

  • Add headers and footers to the PDF
  • Remove watermarks 
  • Add and remove passwords
  • Get rid of unwanted backgrounds and graphics  
  • Edit and compress PDFs

In fact, if you are working with PDFs in a professional arena, you might have seen print outs of PDFs stating confidential information, and the essential bits are blacked out with the help of a marker. 

The PDF software allow you to do that too – hide and delete sensitive data – so you don’t have to manually perform the task.

Convert Easily

Another important task: converting PDFs.While converting documents into PDFs is as easy as it comes; performing the opposite is a difficult feat indeed. The software in the list below also help to convert PDFs to another form of document quite easily 

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