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Password Recovery 

While the human mind can be forgetful, the man-made computer also has its own set of glitches. This means, when we add a password to our computers and important data for protection; there is a high chance that:

1. We forget it 

2. The computer gets hacked, and the password changed

In both scenarios, we are left with one grave issue: Password Loss. 

Why Recover Passwords? 

Passwords are for data protection from prying eyes. In case of a hack, there is the possibility of a data leak, and that is pressing news. 

In times like hacks and password forgetting, there is no time to lose for every second can bring you closer to a data leak. 

What you need then, is Password Recovery software.

Functions of Password Recovery Software

Password Recovery software stays true to its name and performs exactly what is desired of it – recovery of user and administration passwords. 

We may set different passwords for different platforms, and such software can help retrieve passwords of all such platforms. They include:

  • Ms. Excel
  • Ms. PowerPoint
  • Ms. Word 
  • Outlook
  • Win RAR passwords
  • ZIP passwords
  • AIM passwords


Therefore, whether you have forgotten a password or are suffering from an unwarranted hack – password recovery software from the list below might just be exactly what you need.

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