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 Warblade (10463-1)

USD 5.99

Warblade (10463-1)

Warblade is a PC arcade shoot'em up game with focus on very good playability.

An alien race is invading the earth and you must try to save humanity. That's the simple plot of the game.

The game is made with gameplay as the most important factor. The game has lots of features like extra bonuses, many secrets to figure out, 2 sub games, shop where you can upgrade your fighter, time trial mode, advanced account system where up to 10 users can record their progress and unlock new features to the game. A music jukebox to costumize the music in the game. A hiscore submit tool for entering hiscores to a online Hall of Fame. Hiscore printing and merging, and more....

The game runs under DirectX and will take advantage of all your hardware. The better your hardware is the more fancy and smoother the game will be.

Voted one of the best shareware games of 2004.

Warblade was awarded a Bytten Ernie 2005 award as the must addictive game!

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