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GMAT Economist

The Economist GMAT Tutor Complete Prep Plan

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The Economist GMAT Tutor Complete Prep Plan

The Economist GMAT Complete Prep Plan features a guaranteed 50 point improvement, 50 ask-a-tutor messages, four live 1-to-1 sessions, three practice exams, four essay markings, and access to study both via desktop and our iOS application for three months. (Android App coming soon!) Economist GMAT Tutor is an online GMAT preparation course that uses adaptive technology to focus on a student's areas that need the most improvement. The GMAT Tutor helps students reach their full potential by covering every section of the test with comprehensive GMAT prep, preparing them for the AWA with personalized essay marking and helping them master the material with interactive lessons and live support. The course has been highly reviewed on sites such as Beat the GMAT and GMAT Club.

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