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Optimise your PC in less than 2 minutes PC Booster contains all the secrets to speeding up and optimizing your PC, without spending more money on additional hardware. It turbo-charges your PC to make it much more stable by preventing system inefficiencies that cause crashes, lockups and slowdowns of your computer. By running PC Booster's Auto Tune, you'll have faster and more responsive system that is less prone to crashes and fatal error messages.

Computer performance is a very important issue, especially for those who constantly work with multiple programs that request a large amount of resources. There are a lot of applications designed to help you improve your PC's performance and one of them is PC Booster. This program has a simple interface, enabling any type of user to optimize the PC, without experiencing any problems. Its goal is to make your computer fast and stable, avoid system crashes and slowdowns.


  • Results you can See and Feel in 2 minutes:
    • Still not convinced about how much your PC has improved? Unlike other software which only claim to speed up your PC, PC Booster measures the performance of your PC before and after the tune up, and presents the improvements in an easy-to-understand chart, so you can see at a single glance how much faster your PC is compared to before.
  • Memory Optimization at your Fingertips:
    • PC Booster's Memory Optimization Bar lets you know in real-time how much memory your system has available. Even when you close off some programs, the memory they used may not be accessible. When available memory drops too low and your system starts to slow down, simply click on the Free RAM button to free up the lost memory from your system. Its as good as adding more Ram to your computer!
  • Hard Disk Tools:
    • Brand new set of diagnostic and repair tools for hard disk drives improve and optimize your performance. Protect your files from prying eyes with just 1 click. may get a commission from these offers.

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Get Microsoft Office 365 from Microsoft Store

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